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Same day home loan approvals do happen. I have them happen quite often, and yesterday it was less than thirty minutes after I submitted a file.  


The key to a quick turn around in underwriting a home loan is the quality of the submission. The quality of the submission is dependent upon a seasoned loan originator who knows what documents are needed, assemble them in a clear order, document the file with an explanation of the contents.  Of utmost importance in the quality of the submission is the person seeking the home loan providing the loan originator with ALL the documents and EXACTLY the documents requested. 


When I talk about one day loan approvals from underwriting that is very possible in today's environment depending upon the lender a borrower chooses to work with. Not all lenders have quick turn around in underwriting. Many do not. It is also understood that getting a file to the underwriter for that quick turn around will depend on how efficiently a borrower delivers the documents the underwriter needs.  If a borrower takes days or weeks to deliver documents or if they don't deliver the exact documents requested it can use valuable time getting the file submitted. 


I love delivering excellent service. That service is a partnership with the borrower who is on point with my requests of what I know underwriting needs. I know because I've been doing this for over 23 years.  The moral of this story is when a borrower wants a quick smooth home loan closing, he/she can effect that outcome with due diligence on document requests.



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