Beach Neighbors Spotlight - Features Nonprofit Financial help for pets

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Bringing a special NonProfit a bit of Awarness.  Beach Neighbors Spotlight Beach Neighbors is featuring 

BirchBark Foundation (BBF) is a unique thread in the safety net of our central coast community. They are both an animal welfare and human service organization, striving to protect and honor the critical human-animal bond that brings happiness, wellness, and love to many.  Dr. Merrianne Burtch, a veterinarian practicing locally for 28 years, started the foundation in 2013 to provide three critical programs to help pets and their families: financial resources, education, and emotional support.

BirchBark works with local veterinary clinics to provide financial assistance to low-income families with pets in a fixable, life-threatening, or life-compromising crisis. All of the lives they save are in situations where euthanasia or surrender would be the only viable options simply due to cost.  They provide choices to a family in a heartbreaking moment, as well as the veterinary staff, who may otherwise have no other alternative but to euthanize a precious life they know could be helped.

Those individuals needing help or businesses interested in sponsoring an event, volunteering, donating, or participating are encouraged to contact them at 831-471-7255 or

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