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The Mortgage Reports has recently released an article that provides homeowners tips to sell homes fast in 10 days or less by opting to work with a real estate investment firm. Working with a local real estate investor is a great option for sellers who are searching for a faster way to liquidate their homes and put cash directly in their pockets in less than 30 days. Listing with a realtor is not a good fit for every type of person because some folks are desperate to sell quickly and don't have enough time to wait around while the home gets fixed up and shown to potential buyers.

“A security deposit can be used to recoup unpaid rent. But it can’t be used to recoup unpaid water bills, if the tenant is responsible for utilities,” says Evan Roberts, real estate agent and property manager for Dependable Homeowners.
Also, a tenant must receive an itemized statement of repair costs by certified mail within 45 days of moving out.

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“And they’re entitled to accumulated interest on their security deposit when they move out, too. Currently, that interest rate is 3 percent,” Roberts says. While Roberts is a Realtor, he recommends that homeowners consider selling through a we buy houses company.
Selling a rental property through a realtor is not a good option for people who need to sell quickly. Some cities require that the tenant be given the first  Sellers who are searching for fast cash sales normally end up dealing with a local cash home buyer because they can close quickly and will also allow the seller to have some personal input into the closing process and they will even let them dictate most of the transaction at the closing table. If a homeowner is looking to pay off their mortgage and put some extra cash in their pocket then dealing with an investor can be a great option, especially if there has been significant market appreciation over the past several years.

Investors who buy houses fast will often cover 100% of the closing costs in each and every single transaction that they participate in. Cash buyers have funds readily available to buy homes in dilapidated condition and they can normally close in less than 10 days or even faster in certain cases. Selling to investment companies has increased in popularity over the past decade as more sellers are in positions where speed and flexibility have become the top priority as opposed to being able to get the top-dollar sale price for your property. Working with investors definitely has its benefits and most homeowners who are in need of their services will see this very clearly.

Fortunately, there are several investment companies who buy houses to choose from, and homeowners can research them deeply before choosing to move forward with any specific company. Sellers who are interested in getting a fair cash offer on their property today should visit and fill out the form on the homepage to get a no-obligation, real cash offer in less than 24 hours.

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