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I have been fortunate to live in the Hamptons in New York since 1995. First as part-timer in the summer and on weekends, in my own co-op. Up to 2002 I had been living in NYC and working at McGraw-Hill Publishing. However, a change was needed and I chose to become a real estate appraiser.

Over the years of apprenticeship and finally becoming a Certified RE appraiser in 2003, I have learned more about Suffolk County than in all the years of growing up and living here. This "insider" knowledge of the many neighborhoods brings added value to the reports I perform for out-of-state lenders.

My "specialty" is the East End of Suffolk County; the Hamptons and the North Fork. There are a great patchwork of different neighborhoods with many unique characteristics and knowing them is important to creating a credible report. I am confident enough with my reports, that if need be, I would be very comfortable going to court to defend them.

Now that I have Suffolk County under my belt, I have begun working and learning in Nassau County.

Well, that's enough talk for one day. Be speaking with you soon. If you need to contact me, its as simple as going to my web site:

Yo, ho, ho and have a g'day.

Oh, did I say I was FHA approved?

Well, I just did it.


James Forbin, cerified residential appraisal

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