Are You Discouraged?

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You may not be like me, but I have a bad habit of not reading as often in the bible as I should. Do you know what I mean? Pray without ceasing… You get the idea. There are so many verses that can help us to not be discouraged, to not be afraid, to have more faith, to focus on our blessings, and to ignore things of the world. You know what some of them are… And watching the news will be completely the opposite for us when we do that. After all, when something BAD happens you will find out soon enough, someone else will tell you.

 Remember what happened on 9/11/01? I do.  I recall where I was when President John F. Kennedy was shot: Working across from Sloan’s Lake on Sheridan Blvd. Denver Colorado.  If you are old enough, where were you when President J. F. Kennedy was shot in Texas?

Sometimes we forget the advertiserss pounces on these television and radio stations, and why because the advisers require millions of people to listen, for their products to get sold. And if the media do not get enough to watch and listen, the advertisers take their business elsewhere.

I know you know we are living in trying times. Especially during the past few months, and during the past year. We have never experienced anything as we have with the virus. Let us look at this in a different 2019 the population of the United States was a little over 328.2 MILLION. And five to twenty percent get the flu. That number equals: 16,400,000 to 65,600,000 in the United States GET THE FLU in a year.  31.7 million have had Covid19.

Now does the Chinese Virus or COVID 19 look considerably insignificant?  STOP! Think of better still write down the 10 most positive events in your life prior to 2020.  Go on, stop and do it NOW.  When you look at that list daily, (not weekly) and see how you feel after a month or two.

Some places still require a mask, then to some do not. We ate at U. S. Egg located on East Cactus Road in Scottsdale Arizona, a few weeks ago.   Again, today at the most exciting, enthusiastic, and enjoyable restaurant in all of Maricopa County. The energy level is 101%. The owner goes from table to table greeting everyone. When I spoke with the owner, he told me he has four brothers and each of them have a U. S. Egg through the Phoenix area, and all are doing simply fine.

These times may be difficult, and this to shall pass. Wait and see!

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Richard Weeks
Dallas, TX
REALTOR®, Broker

Great information, thanks for sharing.  I hope you have a great day.

Apr 19, 2021 02:23 AM