Why this Commercial Real Estate Investors Mastermind is for you / Your Meetup Association

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Why this Commercial Real Estate Investors Mastermind is for you / Your Meetup Association
Why this Commercial Real Estate Mastermind is for you. 
In this video Pat Gage covers the highlights that makes this Mastermind a must join for anybody in the Commerical Real Estate Investing world. Pat covers the great benefits of joining with bi-weekly event and the awesome line-up of guests that he has on. This is a meetup full of doers, make it happen type of people. Attendees have found their partners on through this event, some have found passisve investors, others have landed a sponsor for their deal. Come join us and see what all the talk it about.
To join the next Mastermind call, visit: http://www.opportunitycreator.com/zoom-mastermind-calls/  and register.
Our company, The Block G Group, LLC, can help you invest in apartment complexes. We purchase and re-position cash-flowing apartment buildings and pay our investors solid returns on their investment. 
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