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Everyone knows that completing furniture accessories and furniture parts in a situation where you are renovating or furnishing an office are not the easiest activities. You need to check all the parameters and it is ideal if you know how individual furniture accessories and assembly devices work. What to do when you care about time but still want high-quality products?

Furnica - modern furniture accessories supplier
 In the Furnica online store, you are able to choose exactly the furniture parts and furniture accessories that your project requires. It does not matter if you are currently renovating your kitchen and are looking for good hinges and kitchen storage systems, or if you are furnishing your office with furniture or building a house. It also doesn't matter if you are an individual customer or buy in bulk - you make the furniture as a DIY enthusiast or as a factory. Either way, you have the chance to easily and stress-free find exactly what you need - cheap furniture accessories, furniture parts and fittings at low prices.

Furnica and its vision
Furnica is a British company that was founded by enthusiasts of the furniture industry. Initially, a small family business has transformed into a thriving sales and production company that operates globally. The success was achieved mainly due to the policy according to which the price of furniture accessories and fittings as well as their quality are of key importance. Accessibility is no less important. For this reason, Furnica is used by furniture manufacturers, wholesalers and individual customers. But everyone buys cheap - at a wholesale price. Currently, you will find various Furnica websites on the Internet, both general and national, e.g. French or German. Currently, the company has over a dozen offices in Europe and one in the United States. Great demand for furniture accessories in Great Britain and Western Europe, and in fact all over the world, is not limited by the pandemic. In virtually all regions, there is an increase in demand for furniture accessories, which may or may not be surprising. Furnica is trying to respond to such market demand.

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Why shopping in Furnica?
The production of furniture accessories such as hinges, drawer runners, lifts, storage systems, gas lifts and many others requires maintaining good quality standards. We do not have to worry about this when shopping in the Furnica online store. We can often choose from products with the same appearance, but with different production methods or materials used. Or vice versa: similar items that differ only in style, color and overall design. Furnica also deals with the packaging and we offer services tailored directly to a given order, respecting an individual, non-standard approach. In any case, however, we can count on attractive prices and good quality, which are the main goals of the entire company. Anyway, let's put the characteristics aside - see for yourself how it all works. You can check out the store right now!


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