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Workspace aesthetics are pretty important, a beautiful, lively office cannot just make your employees look forward to coming here every day, but also create a positive work environment and help boost productivity. But redecorating office spaces is also very costly, or is it? We present you with seven cost-effective ways to make your office look as good as new! Read on to learn more.

1. Let your walls speak

Gone are the days of old boring sombre office walls, now it is time to usher in some colour - and what better way to do it than with art? You don’t need to commission expensive artwork for this, instead, support your local, up and coming artists and get amazing art pieces without burning a hole in your pocket. You could even encourage your artistically inclined employees to contribute some artwork.

Alternately, hanging motivational quotes written in calligraphy is also a good idea to liven up the walls. You can even have your company motto and mission statements painted on a wall and let them be a motivational reminder for your employees. Accent walls are yet another way to beautify the office space. They provide a stunning contrast to the other walls and give the room a well-rounded look.

  1. Draw inspiration from your logo

If you ever had to wonder what colour scheme to employ when redecorating your office space, then don’t worry any longer: Your logo has got it covered for you. Using colours similar to your logo in the office signals continuity and furthers the brand identity. It leave a lasting impression with your visitors and employees alike. So, go ahead and include those logo colours in your office space.

3. If it smells good, we like it more

Who said re-decoration was only about visual things? Adding an olfactory stimulus would ensure that your office has a character of its own as well. Studies have shown that scents improve the mood and create pleasant environments. There are scents that make people happy and relaxed (think vanilla and lavender) and scents that make people feel energetic and fresh (think cedarwood and sea salt). 

Nowadays, reed and essential oil diffusers come in a variety of attractive designs, that serve the dual purpose of functioning as a showpiece and a scent diffuser at the same time. Place them strategically around your office and watch the magic happen. You can even experiment and change the scents according to the seasons.

  1. Add a dash of green to uplift the scene

Adding greenery to the office space comes with so many benefits. Not only does it purify the air and add colour, but it also ups the aesthetic game by several notches. Having indoor plants in your hallways is one way to invite nature into your office. It will not only look good, but studies have shown that having plants around the workplace can increase creativity, productivity and reduce stress. Snake plants, areca palms, or rubber plants can all grow waist high and look beautiful in the hallways.

Desk plants like miniature sansevierias, ZZs, or spider plants are easy to grow indoors, require little to no maintenance, very resilient, and they even word as your private little air purifiers! They remove toxins from closed environments and improve the air quality. Who doesn’t want such a multi-talented desk buddy?

What if your office space isn’t that big and there is little space to accommodate plants? This is where air plants come into play. Plants from the Tillandsia family make for excellent air plants. They come in a variety of vibrant flowers and only need to be misted every few days.


  1. Up the snack game

    Snack jars in the office are totally in nowadays, so why not capitalise on this trend and make it a talking point (well, an eating point) in your office? But be smart and provide healthy snacks, not the sugared candies that might end up giving your employees a sugar rush. Also, make sure that the jars are totally Instagram worthy, so that those healthy snacks actually get eaten. 

  1. Don’t buy new; add colour to old

Furniture is an important and expensive part of your office décor; changing it while you are redecorating can cost a significant amount of money. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to throw away the perfectly sturdy old furniture if you could help it right? Our tip: Repaint the existing furniture. 


You can save yourself a significant amount of money when changing the colour scheme of your office by repainting older chairs and tables. Where repainting is not possible, consider adding new covers (you know that the waiting area sofa could use a new one). So, go ahead revamp your office furniture, change the colours and give it a new life!

  1. Conference rooms can be cool, too!

Who said conference rooms have to be stuffy? After all, you conduct meetings with your clients and entertain visitors here, so your conference room can convey a lot about your organisation. Why waste this opportunity and show them a generic room which they probably have seen everywhere before? Instead, use it to tell your organisation’s story - after all, a picture speaks a thousand words, right? So, go ahead, include some meaningful artwork, add in a couple of plants on the conference table, position a diffuser at the entry way and add colour and character to this room!

It is indeed not that difficult to redecorate your office, is it? And it can be done without spending thousands of dollars on massive upgrades that few will ever use. However, if you still think that your office needs a drastic change and a re-design, consider visiting Wema, a German website that knows everything about interior architecture and offices.

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