How to Manage Your Small Real Estate Agency Efficiently

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Running a successful real estate agency will incorporate a number of factors/variables. The right marketing team can continually drive sales as so many people rely on search engines to find their agents. Others reach out to a lender that recommends an agent that they trust to work well with them. Management of an agency of any type differs with the challenges it presents. A smaller agency cannot just throw a multitude of money at marketing if their agents are not closing. The following are tips to manage your small real estate agency efficiently.

Find a Small Business Accountant 

Small business accountants can be a huge help when it comes to your business. There are so many expenses that a real estate agent incurs that they have to be tracked closely. A Tampa or Raleigh CPA might be the best choice whether it is for consistent work or work during tax time. Even small agencies are going to need an accountant due to all of the various transactions that occur within a single real estate purchase. 

Digital Marketing Can Be Outsourced

Digital marketing is something that can easily be outsourced if you pick an agency that specializes in local SEO. There are a number of freelancers that can provide web design or writing services. The importance of updating your website daily cannot be underestimated. Listings go so quickly in some areas that you could lose a potential buyer or client due them being upset a home is off of the market. Home buyers can be impatient even though they are making a thought-out decision.


Content on the website is essential as a home estimate calculator for the area can work wonders. People always want to use tools specific to their areas rather than generic tools that don’t take into account the various tax considerations. There are some states with low tax rates like Florida then those with immense tax rates like California where there can even be city income taxes. 

Require Social Media Presence From Agents 

The truth is that social media is a huge mover in the real estate game. There are people that see houses that they love online due to a friend or family member sharing a listing. There are so many unique homes that are listed that you could be one of the first to view the listing. Real estate markets like that of Florida are extremely healthy which leads to proactive listing activity to be imperative. A person that posts daily to social media can generate leads from this medium for free. Facebook and Instagram are the most effective as the description of a listing is important as are a number of pictures/videos. 


Managing a real estate agency is a huge responsibility with so many legal restrictions to adhere to. Trying to expand across state lines can lead to different licenses needing to be obtained. Taking advantage of two states with healthy real estate markets can be immensely profitable. Establishing a regional real estate brand can lead to years of increasing revenue.

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