6 Cleaning Checklists to Help Sell Your Home Faster

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Getting ready to move also requires finding a way to sell your home. Creating a comfortable and inviting display through your property also allows you to entice viewers to the real estate you are selling. The best way to invite others in is to make sure that your home is organized and clean. Following specific preparations will help you to sell your home faster, easier and with less effort. Following are the six preparations you must take when you are trying to sell.


1. Get professional mould removal

Mould is a serious biohazard that must be remediated prior to any house sale. Mould is particularly hazardous to infants, the elderly, and immunocompromised individuals. And a sure way to kill a potential house sale, or invite a lawsuit, is to sell a house with mould. If you think you have mould a mould inspection is a must, and if mould is located professional mould removal is necessary. A quality mould inspector will ask you about any water damage and mould that you know of. She will then perform a thorough inspection of the house. When she's done she will give you recommendations for professional mould removal if a problem is found. Following her advice will ultimately save you heartache.


2. Carpet cleaning 

Typically, keeping a carpet clean means vacuuming and removing dirt from the floor. If you are getting ready to sell, then you will want to consider a deep clean by steaming your carpet. This will remove all debris and will create a fresh and inviting look in every room.


3. Shining windows 

One of the first sections of your home that a viewer will see is the windows. You want to make sure that you have glass cleaning on your list for an added shine. You can find the best way to clean windows by getting out streaks and debris. The right materials and approaches allow you to create the perfect look. For an added gleam, you can work with window cleaners to help you prepare to sell.


4. Furnishings and accessories 

Clearing the clutter from every room will help someone looking at your home to understand the layout more. More importantly, it will offer an invitation to look further into each room. If furniture, accessories or other items are in the way, it will cause problems with being able to create the appeal that is required for your property.


5. Kitchens and bathrooms

When someone is looking at a home, they focus on specific rooms, such as the living room and dining room. Two that are important and are often looked at after this are the kitchen and bathroom. You will want to deep clean each of these and add extra shine to the countertops and accessories. This adds in an instant invitation as well as a fresh, new look to the area.


6. Consistent brush-ups 

It is not only important to deep clean different areas of your home and to maintain others. You will also want to remain consistent with vacuuming, dusting and glass cleaning. This will make it easier to maintain while you're moving. More important, it will allow visitors to come in continuously without you needing to take the extra step. Making cleaning schedules for home sales will also provide you with a simple and easy way to keep up to date with cleaning.


Selling your home quickly does not just rely on property value and location. It is also dependent on your ability to showcase each room and the look of the home. Cleaning processes and preparations make it easier to keep your home inviting and fresh while allowing it to sell quickly because of the new look added in.

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Joe McCord works at REAA.

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