The Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips

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Have you ever had to deal with some kind of rodent, pest or bug infestation in the home? Having to deal with these creepy things is an annoyance you do not have to go through too often. With these prevention tips, you can take some easy steps to make your home less attractive to pests in the first place.

Ten tips on preventing pests in the home

  1. Limit plants and mulch around the home outside - If there are any trees that touch your home or shrubbery even you need to cut them back. These provide a bridge for pests to move from the greenery to the home making it easier for them to find a way in. Mulch is an ideal place pests like to live (including termites) so it is best to have a less pleasant ground cover around the home touching its foundations. Basically, the fewer pests you have right outside your home, the fewer you will have inside.
  2. Make sure windows and doors properly seal closed - If you have windows or doors that do not create a proper seal, pests can get through. Inspect them all now and then to make sure they fit well and replace any broken or warped windows.
  3. Take care of other gaps and cracks - Your windows and doors are not the only place pests can get through, any kind of small gap or tiny crack on the exterior of your home is potentially an entrance for pests. Inspect the exterior for such things and fill them in. Look for cracks in the foundation, siding that is loose, gaps where utility lines and pipes go in, missing roof tiles and so on. Use mortar, copper mesh, sheet metal or coarse steel wool to seal them up. People sometimes use expanding caulking but this is not the best option as a lot of pests can chew it and then you need to call a pest control expert!
  4. Discard litter and trash properly - You likely are aware that garbage attracts pests so make sure your lids are on and have lids that are tight. Also, take care of your garden waste as that can be a nest or a food source.
  5. Clean recyclables - Just as with garbage your recycling should stay in a bin with a tight lid but you also need to keep them clean. Give the cans and such a rinse before you put them in and if you can keep your bin outside not inside.
  6. Consider your choice of light bulbs - If you choose halogen lights or high-pressure sodium vapour lights outside these are less attractive to insects and pests. You can move the light a little away from the house so you can still light up the entrance but the bugs around it do not get in when you open the door.
  7. Look for cracks and gaps on the inside - You should look for gaps and cracks on the inside as well, move appliances, look behind kitchen cabinets, check around vents, pipes and so on. Seal those you find especially if you can feel airflow.
  8. Keep drains clean - Places that accumulate debris and gunk, like drains are very attractive to a lot of pests. Inspect and clean them on a regular basis. Be sure not to forget the drains in the basement and laundry room if you have one. There are cleaners you can buy or you can use effective homemade cleaner solutions such as using baking soda and vinegar. You can also use a drain snake to clear drains and keep pests away.
  9. Keep food sealed away - Many pests have a great sense of smell so when there are open food containers and leftovers left out in the kitchen or elsewhere, they can smell it and are attracted to it. Seal foods in containers, shut them up in cupboards and clean them regularly.
  10. Schedule a pest inspection - Mr Flikem Pest Control strongly recommends you have a pest inspection of your home every 1-2 years, especially for termites. They can cause such damage and aren't obvious to the untrained until it's too late. The peace of mind is well worth it!

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Shayne Stone
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Great information!  Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

Apr 26, 2021 04:54 PM
John Pusa
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Hello David, these are very good list of pest prevention tips.

Apr 26, 2021 08:35 PM