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The classic beauties have persuaded many of those with a green thumb to buy these shrubs in droves. In winter some stand out with huge evergreen leaves. In spring the blossoms are ostentatious. All through the spring and fall, the leaves include a satisfying, profound green shade. Certain deciduous azaleas include splendid fall colors soon after the leaves drop. The tremendous spring blooms of rhododendron azaleas make them favorites for the avid gardener.

In spite of the fact that everything azaleas and rhododendrons are classed as Rhododendron by garden enthusiasts, the name "azalea" is ordinarily utilized for local deciduous species and some evergreen Asian sorts. All in all, "Rhododendron" is utilized for those species that have extensive, evergreen, weathered leaves. No sharp division could be made, and it is consistently right to call any of them rhododendrons.

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Plant devotees have specifically reared azaleas for many years. This has resulted in 16 main species of the plant in North America. These species are typically broken down into evergreen azaleas and deciduous azaleas, with there being over 20,000 distinct types of the plant. The evergreen azalea variety boasts spring and summer leaves, while the deciduous variety sprouts brand new leaves each spring. In most cases, azaleas mature at a very slow rate. The growth rate annually is typically 3-10", considering the conditions are right. When the seasonal conditions are right and the plants receive the proper nutrition they tend to thrive. In general, Azaleas do best in acidic soil and sprout to great heights due to their continued growth. For use around the home or business, many choose a mature shrub with a height of at least 3 feet. This helps to cut down on maintenance time and effort.

The vivid colors of the rhododendron azalea make it a must-have for many gardeners' choice of the shrub. The evergreen azalea varies in color. They can bloom in white, pink, purple, or red. The deciduous azaleas vary in color from white, pink, and many shades of red. Most of these plants bloom two signature.


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