2021 25% Already Gone What Are YOU Doing With 2021?

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B 4 U know it we will have one half of the year has passed us by. What are you doing with your life this year? Hopefully, it is not watching the news… After all, you surely know it is hogwash and keeps you coming back to see what is next. You do know most of the news is full of advertisements, Right?

It reminds me of years ago when I was on four television stations on the news in my orange suit and known as The Pumpkin Man. Delivering pumpkins via television helicopter to kids in hospitals. Watching the news that evening on each television station, they would say: stay tune after these commercials we will see The Pumpkin Man.

You did NOT see The Pumpkin Man after those commercials. With three teases, finally, at the very end of the news, you saw The Pumpkin Man in his orange suit landing on a helo pad of a hospital and stepping out in his orange suit, to greet several children in wheelchairs on the pad waiting for The Pumpkin Man to hand them a pumpkin. Oh, By The Way, This Was in October

Avoiding the news gives you a more positive mindset, reduces your stress and worry level. Instead of reading a book, working to accomplish something beneficial is far more of an accomplishment.

If you are into that habit of watching television or listening to radio talk shows, you will notice it is quite like the habit of smoking, it is a habit that can be extremely challenging to remove from your life.

I think this habit is far easier to stop today, NOW. You just need to find a few other things to do that you enjoy.

As I have said in the past, when something bad happens you will find out soon enough, someone else will tell you. Remember the twin towers and JFK’s assignation? Now you know what I mean.

I hope your day is as great as mine.



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