Do Clients Care...Or are they looking for order takers?

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Does it pay to be a Mortgage Loan Planner or a Debt Strategist?

Do clients find a mortgage professional as vital and as sacred as they do their doctor, dentist or dry cleaner for crying out loud.  I actually had a heated conversation as to why I should use someone else's dry cleaner ugh, but I digress from the point at hand!


As a mortgage loan planner who prides myself on advise and customer service, both of which I take very serious, I look at myself and wonder - does it even matter!  Assertiveness, Productivity, Knowledge and Efficiency are what I believe makes a great sales person.  Most referral partners who I come in contact with will probably agree with that.  But deep down, all the knowledge and assertiveness that you have might not get through to the "client".

Do clients care about - Mortgage Market Guide Weekly, or YOU magazine, both of which keep clients tuned into what is happening in the mortgage industry and how it is affecting their current mortgage?  How important is it to them to use the same individual for the biggest financial decision of their life?

I pose the questions, stickly because I am curious to see who believes that clients want to use the same individual when it comes to real estate, much like a doctor or dentist!  I look forward to seeing how others are facing this challange of "Buying Brain-Cells" to be the go to person!!  Your comments are much appreciated.

Gary May, Mortgage Loan Planner
The May Mortgage Team
Mason Dixon Funding

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