The IRS is Coming Back.

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I represent tax payers in the greater Saint Louis area and the state of Missouri who have issues with unfiled tax returns and outstanding tax liabilites

Much has been made of the new adminstrations plans to implement changes for a number of projects. Plans to raise taxes for corporations and high earners to generate revenue for all this programs is in play. Recenty it was discovered that these high earners were paying only 39% of the taxes they owed the IRS. Also the Treasury inspector General for Tax Administration, an IRS watch dog indicated that the unpaid back taxes were not being collected. 


This extra revenue that is projected to come in to pay for the $!.5 trillion American Families Plan plus the $2 trillion infrastructure program has to come from somewhere.


For the first time in a long time the IRS is going to have an increase in funding so it can hire more personel to help close the tax gap. At this time President Biden hopes to boost funding at the IRS by $80 billiion as it's needed to hire more agents and introduce new technology to pursue tax dodgers.

Also in the game plan to help collect more tax is by being far more aggressive auditing those who may be underpaying taxes and  requiring additional information so that it is harder to conceal taxable income and assets.

Being in compliance with filing and paying your esitmated taxes if you are self employed is more important now than ever to reduce the possiblity that you will be targeted by the IRS.


If you or somebody else you know are having IRS issues please feel free to contact me or call me @ 636-397-2759 or text me @ 636-866-4554.

Enrolled agents are federal tax practioners licensed by the Treasury Department.


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