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A removal service does not only cover the transfer of household goods and your belongings from one address to another. Other equally important aspects are moving companies do for you, and that should be known. Packing and unpacking, disassembling and reassembling the furniture

Are you going to change your home (perhaps your office) and need to hire a removal service? Perfect. You have chosen the most practical and simple solution. Professional moving companies provide a tailor-made service, capable of responding to any type of need, no matter how difficult it is.

Therefore, when you ask for a removal cost, it is convenient that you inform yourself precisely what is included in the price and what is not.

What does the removal service you are hiring include?

Will they take charge of putting each of the items in their specific place when they arrive at the new location, your home or perhaps your new office?

  • Will the operators hang the clothes back in the correct closet?
  • Will they be able to treat your belongings with the same care that you put into them?

Normally, you ask yourself all these questions (and some more ...). You need clear answers to assess between the two or three moving estimates that it is always advisable to request.

Economic move

 Macro Removals specialized in cheap removals for those occasions in which we find ourselves with the need to move our things to another site, but our budget is low. For this type of occasion, it is always possible to look for alternatives that will provide services at a lower cost.

The removals return may also give an excellent solution if you want to make a move and do not have a budget very high because it provides the option to save a considerable amount of money in the transfer.

Detail of each specific removal service

When asking for a quote, find out what exactly the removal service you will hire includes. It is important not to find unpleasant last-minute surprises, and so that you are satisfied with the choice of moving company made.

Basic moving service

What includes

  • The loading, transportation and unloading of all your personal belongings, household items, furniture, etc.
  • You take care of buying the necessary material to pack your belongings, and the operators of the moving company only perform the specified services on the day you have specified.
  • Movers can often provide you with materials (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape) at advantageous terms if you don't want to look for them yourself.

  Classic moving service

What includes

The above is loading, transport and unloading, and the following services: packaging, packing material, and the disassembly and assembly of furniture.

  • Qualified personnel and experts in moving services will carry out all these tasks for you and will deposit the boxes with the belongings and belongings that they have packed in the locations that you indicate in your new home or office.
  • Includes, if necessary, the lifting crane service to lower and/or raise furniture through windows and terraces.

Premium moving service

What Includes

It includes all of the above and also the unpacking of your belongings, perhaps storage for a few weeks or months ( furniture storage service ) and, also, professional cleaning or other special services related to the transfer of antiques, works of art or related to pets (for example, large bird cages, aquariums, etc.).

  • Unpacking implies that your belongings and goods will be returned to their original location in the case of furniture that is moved.
  • If you also correctly indicate the destination of each box in the new address on each box, your belongings can be unpacked and placed in their new location, room by room.
  • Can you imagine finding your clothes hanging in the closet again…? Operators do it delicately, first packing in special cardboard cabinets with its built-in bar and unpacking with special gloves in the cabinet indicated.

Materials included in a removal service.

The materials that a moving service includes are much more specific than they may appear at first.

  • The cartons are high strength by carrying reinforced materials but usually not be filled with more than 20 kilos. They adapt to the materials that they are going to move, and thus we can find cardboard cabinets with a bar included, capable of carrying clothes hanging on hangers.
  • The rolls of bubble wrap used for packaging fragile items carefully either by their material (glass, ceramics, etc.) or your technology (electronics).
  • The thick paper is used to fill in the gaps left in the boxes so that the objects do not "dance" inside them.
  • Moving blankets are made of very dense materials while being lightweight for easy handling, and they serve to protect floors and walls when moving the heaviest furniture.
  • All these professional moving materials guarantee a smooth transfer of your belongings from the place of origin to their destination.


 These services can be found very easily on legal company sites thanks to the internet or consulted with friends and family. These moves are private moves in which a service is used that must return empty.

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