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Loss Mitigation and Shortsales

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REALTORS/INVESTORS - WOULD YOU LIKE TO INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS IN THIS DEPRESSED ECONOMY??? Get the "Best" training, education and programs in the industry for LOSS MITIGATION and SHORTSALES to increase your business in this depressed real estate market.

We are the PROFESSIONALS, EXPERTS, who offer training and support to work your hard-to-close Shortsale deals with the various lenders. We teach and train you to not only professionally close your shortsale deals in your area or state, but train you to do shortsale deals all over the country. By the way, we are doing loss mitigation and shortsale deals all over the U.S. and we perform our real estate deals by complying with the NEW State laws that require certain disclosures and procedures that everyone must comply with to be legal, ethical and moral. Not many can say that they are doing this correctly. 

Join our team and learn the secrets to doing your loss mitigation and shortsale deals the legal way. If you are concerned about full disclosure, complying with state laws or the laws of another state, proper document to substantiate your offer or acceptance, then you are doing something right and we can assist you follow the proper, correct procedures for your brokerage firm and realty board requirements as well as other statutory requirements we have just mentioned to you.

Please take the time to review our website, programs and CALL US. Our website is at www.lmsiedu.com and you may reach us at 888-425-9222 for further assistance and information.

UPDATED: 06/25/08 Robert Bolton