Top Reason to not CHOOSE your tenant

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To reasons to not choose your tenant.

I know, I know, what do I possibly mean?  Not choose my tenant?  But I want a good tenant? I want a tenant with a job?  I want a tenant who will take care of my property.


Yep, I understand all of that.  What you don't want is a prospect who will turn you into fair housing for discrimination.


When you hire a professional property manager like Susan Goulding, at Crown Key Realty, Inc (CKRPM) we know you want a great tenant.  So do we!   Good tenants make our job easier.


We want someone with a good credit score, with good employment, without any foreclosures, etc.


However, we can have the best of both worlds.  When you have stringent criteria set up and you approve and offer the rental to the first qualified tenant, you will significantly reduce your risk of discriminiation.


WHY?  Let's say 3 applications come in 2 day apart.  All 3 have credit scores 600 - 650, all 3 make 3 times the rent in income, none have criminal records or any negative attributes.  So how do you choose?


The one without children. = discrimination

The one with a husband/wife = discrimination

The one who speaks English = discrimination

The one who drives a Prius = could be discriminated against vs the one who drives a VW.

The one without animals = could be discrimination if pets are service animals

Do you see the pattern.  You are now choosing a tenant based on non-tangibles.  Basing approval on the facts, income, credit score, etc is your best option.

So first qualified, first approved, is your new tenant.

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Great information.  Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Apr 29, 2021 07:05 AM