IRS Enforcement Update for the Tax Answers Advisor Podcast

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I was thrilled to join Marcelino Dodge on his Tax Answers Advisor Podcast this week to discuss where IRS Enforcement is headed in 2021 and beyond. 


You can catch the edpisode here: 


Episode Description

We have all heard the commercials asking, “Do you owe $10,000 or more to the IRS?” Or, you may wonder “What is the IRS really doing with collections and enforcement?” Though it may be calm now, taxpayers who have unpaid taxes or who are non-filers will soon be in for a big awakening. Eric Green of the Tax Rep Network and managing partner in the law firm Green & Sklarz LLC will explain the current status of IRS collections and enforcement. He will also discuss the options noncompliant taxpayers have if certain filing deadlines are missed. When should taxpayers start to prepare for this downpour of IRS enforcement action? We will answer this and many other questions about the Internal Revenue Service’s coming soon to collect taxes from non-filers and taxpayers with unpaid taxes.

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