Getting Your House Ready for Sale in Todays Real Estate Market

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You are getting ready to sell your house.  The hardest part is de-clutter the house and the closets. If you are like many people you probably looked and said where do I start?



  The closets are a great place to begin. You are going to be moving so let's start to pack up the closets and also clean them up. If it is warm weather and you live in a four-season climate take out your cold-weather clothes and shoes. Pack them away. Let's make room in these closets and make them look big and spacious.  Clean them out. All the closets in the house even the linen closet



There are many books and even videos online to show you how.  Keep only what items are necessary.  There is nothing worse than showing prospective buyers closets that are messy and full to the brim with stuff.  If you must box your stuff up and store it at a family member's house or rent a storage unit. Messy closets give the appearance that your home doesn't have enough storage space.





Next, you want to get rid of all the small knick-knacks and personal photos. I know this is hard. Many people object to removing personal photos. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the house. This is hard to do if every room is filled with personal photos   This is just a suggestion but one to take seriously.

Here is a cute video made by Real Estate Agents to explain




Next, take out or move extra bulky furniture that is not needed. The big chair that you really are not taking with you. Perhaps the old TV set that no longer works is just sitting there. The end table will make the room look bigger if you move it. The blanket you keep in the corner pack it way. Little things like this make a big difference



There look how much you have accomplished  

Now on to the rest of the list

You are almost there

Here it what you should do next 



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