Why emotional soul ties are so powerful

Industry Observer with Justine Mfulama

Have you ever had a hard time letting go of a man?

Like, you know he is not meeting your needs and standards, but the two of you are so connected that you just can't let go of him.

Because it almost feels like he is your soulmate.

Well, the reason why you are feeling so torn, confused, and anxious is because of your soul tie to him.

Yes. Soul ties are a real thing.

They are a spiritual connection or emotional bond to another person that makes you feel like you belong together.

While you are in a relationship it feels amazing and is one of the reasons why you like each other so much.

But once the relationship is over, it's the reason why you can't sleep and feel like you are about to experience a premature death.

I know, I know I'm being dramatic, but trust me I HAVE BEEN THERE!

So, what should you do when you can't let go of someone...

You have to remind yourself of a previous loss that you experienced and survived.

Identify a loss that you thought you would not survive and then write down what you gained from it.

My example would be: I suffered a painful breakup last year that I thought I wouldn't survive, but God used it as a catalyst to become a coach and step into my calling. 

Can you see how powerful that is?

And how reminding yourself of the blessing that awaits on the other side is so much bigger?

So I ask you what or who is it that you can't let go of?

And how could the loss of this relationship be making space for something better to come into your life?

Think about it!

For one, the devil will try to stop you from moving on if that relationship is keeping you in bondage.

He will throw in unexpected encounters and painful/ beautiful memories to make you doubt.

And don’t get me wrong, even if you are open to rekindling a relationship with an ex in the future you still need to completely break things off now.

And by that I mean. NO MORE HOLDING ON and secretly PRAYING FOR HIM to come back!

Especially, if he is not ready to provide the relationship you deserve and desire. Because that soul tie will keep you from welcoming new love into your life.

Number two, the soul tie will block your ability to be alert and of a sober mind.

What do I mean by that?

What I mean is that the devil wants you to be distracted, anxious, and, feel helpless (1 Peter 5:8). Because that is when you are the most vulnerable.

How many of you have experienced a really bad relationship right after another relationship ended?

That is because the pain of lost love always serves as a catalyst!

Either a catalyst to positive change that leads to better behavior and brings about healthy relationships.

Or as a catalyst for fear that takes over your thoughts, emotions, and actions and leads to toxic and abusive relationships.

Because if you are not careful you will get so absorbed by the pain, hurt, and anger that you fail to watch out for danger and hence become more vulnerable.

So, yes you have to break your soul tie to your ex. No matter how hard and scary it may be.

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