This Isn't Just Another Taxpayer Bailout

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With the Senate rushing to pass the big $300B "bailout" for lenders and some homeowners, I'd like to propose another option that won't cost the TAXPAYERS a DIME.  But it will improve the current NOD's and future foreclousre ratios while stabilizing the real estate market by keeping people in their homes.

It's called "Loss Mitigation".  Currently I am working with a loss mitigation specialist who has been very successful in obtaining rate reductions, rate locks, forgiveness of default payments and even principal reductions for clients.  Individuals trying to resolve the issue alone have found it difficult if not next to impossible to even talk to their lender's loss mitigation department but when you have an expert in the field contacting the lender you get results.

The program is designed to assist homeowners who are unable to refinance because their home has lost equity or they have a high LTV, have mortgage lates on their credit report or their interest rate has adjusted or will soon adjust.  

Walking away is not the answer especially when you have an alternative resolution, keeping your home with reduced payments.  Financial hardhship shouldn't be the reason you lose your home.  In most cases a reasonable repayment plan can be achieved by our loss mitigation expert  That's their specialty, keeping people in their homes and satisfying the lender requirements.


Before you spend another day worrying contact an expert in "Loss Mitigation" stay in your home and get back on track.  There are many charlatans in the field who make promises.  Without analyzing your situation no one can make recommendations for solutions to your financial situation.  Contact a specialist in "Loss Mitigation" for best results.

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Shaun Wren

Some companies are considering this optiion. But it is much easier to let the Govt. pay for it.

Jun 25, 2008 01:32 PM
Patti Geib - Capital Line Funding Group - CA

Shaun:  The unfortunate truth is that the government only intends to assist a certain segment of the troubled homeowners, I have seen it reported as 400,000.  Unfortunately that will exclude many others who are not in trouble at the moment or near default but cannot continue to meet their mortgage payments due to loss of a job, medical bills and other events beyond their control.  As for letting the government pay for it, we the Taxpayers are  paying for it, don't forget the "government" gets their money from the Taxpayer.  I also believe if someone pays for the solution they will probably be better off.  By the time the government gets the ball rolling we will be knee deep in foreclosures and that is not good for the economy.  I appreciate you taking the time to comment.  Have a great day.

Jun 25, 2008 02:40 PM