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A third of people planning their retirement consider changing their residents in their golden years. There are a couple of benefits to owning a retirement house before leaving the workforce. Most people decide whether to purchase a retirement home before they retire after deciding what their goals are and looking at their finances. However, there are a couple of factors to consider when buying a retirement home. Real estate agents recommend investing in one supposing the buyer is financially able. 

But if you're still 10 or 20 years away from retiring, should you planning to invest in a retirement home? USA Today conducted a survey that concluded that 33% of adults aged 45 to 65 consider changing their residence after leaving the workforce. So, even if the retirement moment if far off in the future, this is the right moment to research the market. Buying it early brings plenty of benefits because you can pay the mortgage while you're still fully employed. You also have plenty of time to renovate and update it to fit your future needs. 

Why you should buy a retirement house before leaving the workforce?

It's easier to qualify for a mortgage when you're employed

In some states, it's illegal for lenders to deny a mortgage because you're retired, but it doesn't mean that they'll make it easy for you to get money for a house when you have a lower income. They usually create a set of requirements all mortgage applicants must meet in order to get the finances, and the chances are you do not qualify if you retired. Lenders don't discriminate based on life expectancy, but they take the income into account, and you'll probably get less after you leave the workforce. Your income is higher when you work, and the debt-to-income ratio is more favourable. 

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You have more money to renovate the retirement home

If you don't build the house yourself, you won't find the ideal one no matter how many properties you view. Chances are your retirement home to need major renovations before you move. You may already have some projects in mind, such as decorating the living room, creating a patio area, or replacing the roof.

You have more extra cash you can spare to remodel the house and transform it into your dream spot before you retire. When you work as a freelancer, you can explore more options to grow your monthly income and make extra money to spend on renovating the retirement property. 

You can plan your retirement finances

The biggest benefit to purchasing retirement housing before leaving the workforce is that you know the card number for your housing costs, and you can easily calculate your retirement budget. Investing in real estate when you're receiving a salary allows you to build up equity in your retirement property that works like a financial safety net when unexpected expenses pop. 

What you need to know when you purchase retirement housing?

You can pick from two retirement living options

The real estate market offers two types of retirement living options. You can buy a house you convert into a retirement property and live independently. You manage the house management costs and pay for all your expenses. The second option is to live in a retirement village where you own the house, but the community setting limits your independence. Depending on the type of retirement village you prefer, you can benefit from various degrees of care and assistance. 

Find out what your significant other prefers

When you don't plan the retirement solely for you, and your significant other is also involved in the process, you need to have a conversation about their desires. Don't assume that you both want the same thing. Have several talks about the lifestyle you prefer and make a compromise if you aren't on the same page. When one of you has hobbies like gambling, you may want to relocate to one of the countries that are recognised as top gambling destinations

Test your retirement plan

When you plan to relocate across the country or overseas, make sure you test your plan. You may like the idea of living in Europe, but you don't really know what it takes to do it. You may discover that you don't enjoy the four seasons or community, and you prefer living close to your friends and family. Spend time visiting the location during vacations and find out if the environment suits you. 

Consider the mobility factor

Make sure to consider mobility when you choose the place to move. Assuming that you'll always be able to drive or fly by plane is a mistake. Ensure that the retirement house is close to public transportation routes and your friends and family find it comfortable to visit you. Check if it's close to important places like the grocery store and hospital even without driving a car. 

Make a realistic post-retirement budget

When you still work, your monthly income is higher than it would be after you leave the workforce. Get in touch with a financial advisor and create a realistic post-retirement budget. Try to estimate how much it costs to run the retirement property and figure out if you afford to own it. The expenses in some areas are higher, especially if they are hot touristic destinations. The financial advisor may recommend investing in some passive income opportunities to boost your post-retirement incomes. 

Buy real estate based on your future income

10 or 20 years before retiring, calculate how much you afford to spend based on the post-retirement budget. Your present income may allow you to buy a large beach house, but you may find out that you cannot afford future home-related expenses. 

Final thoughts

You probably understand now how important it is to buy a retirement house while you're still employed. You've also learned what factors you must consider when you start looking for one. 

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Great information, thanks for sharing.  I hope you have a great day.

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Bill Salvatore - YVP Blog
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True. true, and true.  Yes start planning wheile you are still in your earning years.  Thanks for the post, IT'S FRIDAY! Enjoy the weekend.  Bill Salvatore

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