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I am someone who loves the little things. I get excited when they say movie titles in the movie, I find it funny to hear my name (first or last) in songs, books, or television shows. So naturally, when I came across Active Rain mentioned in an article I couldn't help but share it! 

"Finding an Investment-Minded Real Estate Agent

Contrary to what you may have heard, such investment-minded agents are around and many advertise themselves as such. ActiveRain.com, for example, has a good number of agents advertising their services and you can easily weed out the homeowner-minded ones. You can also find such agents at networking events like your local Real Estate Investor Association or just by Googling around a bit.

When you contact one, explain your strategy and ask them whether they know rehab expenses at all and are willing to make numerous offers before landing one. (You should not describe yourself as a low-baller though, no one wants to work with someone who exclusively shoots off low balls.)

You should interview the potential agent as you would with a new hire.

Then try them out and see how helpful, knowledgeable, organized, and good at communication they are. If they don’t work out, just switch. In that vein, you should never sign an Exclusive agreement with an agent. If they don’t end up working, you don’t want to be obliged to pay a commission.

Good deals on the MLS are hard to come by these days, but they are still out there. And the market will correct eventually, so it’s good to get in the game. That being said, if you do so with an agent, it’s critical to find a quality, investment-minded agent who can help you find those diamonds in the rough"

Investment-minded Realtors is quite the compliment for our active rain community, it really was nice to see that's what people think of Realtors using this platform. 

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Have a Wonderful weekend Rainmakers ! 

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