Make Your Rental Property Safer for Tenants with the Right Steps

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Although running a rental property is rewarding, it’s also hard work. You must find the best and most reliable tenants and keep all lines of communication open. You also have plenty of responsibilities, such as repair, maintenance, and regular upkeep. 


Of course, one of your most essential responsibilities is safety. Whether you're renting out houses, townhouses, homes in apartment buildings, or units in condos, you must ensure that your property is safe and secure for your tenant. Not only is this the law in many localities, but it’s also an ethically sound policy.


Here are some steps that can help you make your rental property safer for your tenants:


1. Check for Gas Leaks

Have an inspector come in and look for gas leaks on your property, especially if heating or the stove is gas-powered. A gas leak results in higher monthly bills, but it can be incredibly dangerous and result in tragedy.


2. Check the Carbon Monoxide Levels

Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer because this odourless and colourless gas can quickly result in tragedy. Ask a professional to check the carbon monoxide levels, especially hotspots like the garage, fireplace, and areas that carry water heaters, furnaces, boilers, etc.


3. Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You must install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in areas such as the bedroom, kitchen, hallways, etc. Please ensure that the devices are in operational condition by checking them regularly. Sometimes, the devices just need new batteries.


4. Add a Fire Extinguisher 

You can go the extra mile by adding a fire extinguisher or two in the home. You can place a small one in the kitchen and a larger one in the garage or hallway closet. Of course, if you own an apartment building, you must add fire safety equipment at accessible points on the property.


5. Secure the Stairway

Whether it's a multi-level house, apartment, or condo, you should secure the stairway with an evacuation stair chair that can help anyone with reduced mobility leave the property safely in an emergency. People with reduced mobility include the elderly, disabled, sick, injured, pregnant women, etc.


An escape chair is helpful in a fire, flood, blackout, thunderstorm, etc. It may also help meet safety legislation.


6. Light it Up

Ensure that the home is well-lit to protect the property from intruders. Your renter is also less likely to get into accidents on a well-lit property. Ensure that all bulbs are operational indoors and outdoors. Add lighting to dark areas. You can invest in motion sensor lights for the outdoors to reduce energy bills. Motion sensor lights are also an excellent way to protect the yard and passageways from intruders and critters.


7. Invest in Cameras

You can also add cameras to help the tenants feel more secure. Cameras monitoring the outside area of the property will also discourage miscreants. At the very least, you can install a doorbell camera for basic security.


These are seven ways you can improve your rental property’s security. Use the right technology and perform regular maintenance to keep your tenants safe.

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