How to obtain an apostille certificate in New York

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Some documents abroad require an Apostille certification to be legal and enforceable.  Apostille describes the specific means by which a legal document issued in one signatory country can be certified for validity in all other signatory countries. Professional translation often requires an apostille before the translated document in the desired country takes effect.


       Get An Apostille


       Getting an apostille for professional translation is a fairly straightforward process, but it can take a long time to complete. In the US, the first step is usually to certify business translation. Apostille certification can then be issued by the Foreign Minister, but each state has slightly different rules. If the State Department does not recognize the notary, a district clerk may be required to certify the professional translation before issuing an apostille.


       What documents require apostille?


       The types of documents that may require an apostile are court documents, administrative documents, notarial deeds and certain official certificates. Birth certificates, death certificates, divorce certificates, and patent applications are some of the professional translations that may require an Apostille to be effective abroad.


       New York City has one of the highest standards for apostasy translation in the country. The large number of head offices and diversity of nationalities in the city justifies the continued need for Apostille services.


       Here are the top steps to get Apostille in New York:



1. Notary


       For a document to be accepted for Apostille, it must be signed by a notary. The type of authentication by the notary does not matter. Ensure that the attorney is licensed in New York County.


       Make sure they are licensed by New York County.


       For example, if you were to obtain a document notarized by a licensed person in Kings County, you would be in a lot of trouble because you cannot be certified as a county clerk in New York. "Kings County" is the appropriate county in charge of chartered notaries in Brooklyn. While working in Manhattan, many notaries will give their exams in Brooklyn. Therefore, it is quite easy to get into this type of situation. Again make sure that your documents are certified by New York County only certified notaries.


2. County Clerk


       Once your document is notarized, contact the New York County Clerk. The building is located at 60 Center St., New York, NY 10007.  If you see the New York State Supreme Court in front of the building, don't worry. This is where the district clerk you are looking for is located. Now a hack that will literally save you a lot of time. Do not enter the building from the main gate. Due to security precautions, there may be a long line of people waiting for their turn. Visit:



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