Medical explainer video trends

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Medicine is a specific and broad field of activity. And explanatory videos for advertising or product presentation should be compiled with understanding.

Complex facts or functions can be conveyed particularly effectively with the medical explainer video: content, the main task of which is to convey information in a simplified form. It is appropriate to use animated illustrations that break the same process into simple steps.

The advertising industry has discovered this advantage - entire companies and agencies are dedicated to the professional creation of explanatory videos. A closer acquaintance and understanding of the intricacies of the process of creating explanatory videos will allow you to understand why it takes so much effort and involve a whole team of specialists. In addition to technical implementation, you will need:

  • have scriptwriting skills;
  • be able to concisely convey the most important information;
  • be able to analyze the needs of the market and potential audience;
  • have the skills of a graphic designer;
  • have professional dubbing skills;
  • know and be able to use key marketing tools;
  • keep abreast of the main trends.

–°reate explainer video for healthcare professionals will only work with a perfect understanding of the essence of the processes or involve professionals. The trends of 2021 in the field of creating videos of this format are pushing for the creation of professional, high-quality videos that will be useful and fulfill their function.

Medical Explainer Videos

The development of pharmaceuticals, plastic surgery, cosmetology and the emergence of new procedures form a huge segment of the market, where you have to compete and offer something really useful. Talking about trends in medical advertising, you can form a certain portrait of an ideal product that can attract customers and increase sales:

  • as in other areas, the shorter the video, the better;
  • information content and thesis presentation of the material;
  • the ability to place accents to further attract the user's attention;
  • call to action.

Much depends on how much you understand the potential audience and are able to convey the necessary, and most importantly useful information. After all, even offering a unique product, it can be ignored if you do not correctly formulate the text of the script or make mistakes when creating a video.

More Examples of Using Explainer Videos

Since medicine is a very broad concept, you need to understand that explanatory videos here can act not only as an advertising tool. It is quite appropriate to use them for website pages, blogs, video hosting sites of the information and consulting direction. Therefore, there are a lot of examples of topics for medical explanatory videos. For example:

  • How medications work.
  • Description of the processes occurring in the human body.
  • Reporting clinical trials and much more.

In addition to general health advice, exercise can be very helpful for your recovery after a particular procedure.

Corporate training

On the topic of employer branding, your clinic staff are especially effective ambassadors for your brand if you can memorize key points of your communication strategy through video.

Before you start thinking about implementation, you need to know exactly what information you want to convey with your explainer video. Do you want to open a department in your clinic? Explain the process? Rule of thumb: If you want to highlight the "human side", show the people too. Fortunately, this is quite possible with the help of modern technologies and the skills to use them. Let your employees talk about the area in which they are a professional.


No expert will be able to predict exactly what the audience will like. Of course, there are proven techniques and methods to achieve significant results. But at the same time, we must not forget about the creativity of the presentation of the material. And, it is quite possible that it is your idea that will become innovative and serve as an example of a successful project.

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