Dutch Housing Prices to Rise by 8 Percent in 2021

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Even though the pandemic came like a tsunami, houses were still selling like hotdogs. So what does the housing market look like for the Netherlands? 

Flourishing. The Dutch house prices continue to rise strongly, boosted by record low-interest rates. The interesting part is that supply can’t even keep up with the strong demand. The average purchase price of all properties reached 7.33 last year, about double the 3.66% growth recorded in 2019. On a three-monthly basis, property prices rose 0.93% during the latest quarter. 

For soon-to-be homeowners, that doesn’t change much. Even so, the predictions show that, over the next two years, property prices in the Dutch market will rise faster than was initially predicted. 

The Dutch bank has recently reread its economic expectations for the next two years. The reason? The Netherlands ’ economy and the impact of the current pandemic is not as perilous as expected. What’s more, it’s forecasted that the national supply shortage and low mortgage interest rates will also play their part in house prices. 

In 2020, experts forecasted a 5.5% price surge in 2021 and a 2.5% increase in 2022. Well, that was last year. Today, they predict that property prices in the Dutch market will grow by 8% in 2021 and foresee an average of 4% increase in 2022. 

This growth sees the average price of a property in the Netherlands rise from 365.000 euros last year to 394.000 euros in 2021 and about 410.000 in 2022. 

The effects of the pandemic on the Dutch housing market 

Housing market economists are highlighting the unemployment rate as the key reason for the price growth. 

So far, they’ve expected that the covid crisis would bring fewer auctions and ultimately lower price growth and even a plummet in price through mounting unemployment and uncertainties among potential homeowners. However, the end of 2020 saw the joblessness rate decrease from 4.6% in August to 3.9% in December. 

Housing experts also cite the national housing shortage for the continued growth in prices, as well as decreased mortgage interest rates – which are expected to remain unaffected. 

They also expect that 220.000 properties will be sold in 2021, about 15,000 less than the amount traded in 2020, but this highlights an uncertain future for the housing market. 

How does it look so far? 

Currently, we still see dozens of viewings per house and, although selling interests have plummeted, those in buying have actually grown, and we don’t expect to see a different situation any time soon. 

With the property market well too tight, soon-to-be homeowners – particularly first-time buyers – are about to take any risk. Buyers are aiming for the maximum mortgage, and for those more financially sound, accept a contract without second thoughts.  

Impact on the work environment 

Remote work policies made homebuyers reconsider their living spaces. This tendency suggests that homeworkers prefer to invest in bigger homes to work from home and ensure their kids with all the educational necessities. The pandemic has challenged even the image of a web designer in a traditional office space. Many companies have considerably reduced real estate prices. 

Trend: home buyers moving from the cities to the countryside 

It makes sense. Cities have long lost their place on the priority list for home buyers. Now it makes more sense to have an airy home, and those are generally less pricey in the countryside. Soon-to-be homeowners appreciate their homes more than ever. And the pandemic has proved it. 

Homes have been homes – but also schools, office spaces, and holiday addresses. Not to mention the work from home trend looks like it’s here to stay. 

People now have otherworldly preferences with increasingly more chasing housing in areas on the outskirts of big cities. 

Dozens of viewings 

2021 proved that the housing market exceeds even online casinos with bonos sin deposito in online viewings amount. Although the interest in selling has slightly decreased, the interest in buying has reached new levels, and we’re expecting the situation to remain unbothered for a while. This has encouraged the first-time buyer to take more risks and accept a contract without second thoughts. 


More than 75% of houses on the market are traded both at the asking price and above 10%. The viewing number and offer per house have decreased somewhat, yet, the tension remains consistently high. Since the beginning of the year, investors who are willing to pay 8 % in transfer tax are expected to become more reserved to buy, at least for now.   

The Quest for Realtors 

With a housing market so tight, increasingly more buyers are looking for the services of an experienced realtor. Why? Because it offers them a chance to view the available housing (since every realtor knows which property is coming on the market before they are listed online) so they can provide more insights regarding the property and the expected selling values. 

Thus, they will have a better understanding of what price they should offer for a home with a greater chance of having the offer accepted. 

New Regulations Out  

With a new year come new regulations. In 2021, these regulations are promising for future homeowners looking to purchase a new house. Homebuyers below the age of 35 no longer have to stress about the transfer tax, which is 2% of the purchase value. 

Buyers with a dual-income can now apply for a higher mortgage. Not long ago, the second income only counted for 80%, which has now been raised to 90%. 

With the average price on the rise, the maximum value for a home that can be purchased through the NHG program has also grown from 310.000 to 325.000 euros. 

For green-minded buyers in need of a more sustainable home, this price can be stretched to nearly 344.000 euros.

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Nina Hollander, Broker
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Having family in The Neherlands I'm quite familiar with Dutch housing costs... and they've never been low... so not surprised to hear they are increasing.

May 11, 2021 04:21 AM