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Being a real estate agent in 2021 isn’t such an easy job. Some might argue that real estate is one of the trickiest fields to master, and it’s a difficult job all-around, but, in the past year, things have become even more complicated. No matter where you are based, chances are the local economy was affected, and demand for real estate wasn’t as stable. Many families put off investing in a new home because they no longer had a constant stream of revenue or are simply waiting for better days. With commercial real estate, things are even trickier: many companies no longer need a lot of space in office buildings because they’ve switched to remote work or hybrid work or are being put out of business entirely. In a time when people are afraid to make major investments such as buying a home or relocating, advertising your properties may seem nearly impossible. However, it can be done. The trick is to know how to appeal to clients. The past year has changed the way we live, work, and relax, and this is reflected in the kind of marketing messages people want to see from real estate agents.


Here are a few strategies that can help with that:


If you haven’t gone digital, what are you waiting for?

This might sound surprising, but many people are postponing visiting properties because they don’t think it’s safe to do so. Social distancing measures still apply, and your clients may not want to drive for one hour to see a property that they’re on the fence about. However, they will come to see it in person if they think it’s the one, so invest in video marketing tools. These tools include 360 panoramic tours, videos, and live home viewings via Zoom. It’s a quick and convenient way for potential clients to get an idea of what the property looks like, and for you, as an agent, it’s more efficient because you can schedule multiple viewings at the same time. This strategy works for both residential and commercial properties, but keep in mind that you’ll have to tweak your presentation depending on the type of property you are trying to sell. For example, if you are advertising a casino property, you need to use exciting music that matches the entertainment industry.


When in doubt, check out the clever promotional strategies used by popular platforms such as Bethard Casino, because they know how to attract customers.


Needless to say, if you don’t already have a strong social media presence, build one. People no longer look in newspapers to find properties for sale or rent, so go where they are: on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Besides, social media is great for starting targeted ad campaigns.


Advertise experiences, not just properties

As real estate agents, we are taught from our first days on the job that we should put the property in the best light possible, emphasizing things such as location, features, proximity to schools and public transport. In 2021, that’s still valid. Obviously, you can’t hope to close a deal with someone without promoting the property itself. However, that’s just the basic requirement. Your ad will already include those strong points, so, as an agent, you have to know how to present the property’s key features in such a way as to appeal to the client. In other words, you have to be human, empathize, understand their pain points, and try to help them as much as possible. Now more than ever, when most people who invest in homes or offices have a million concerns, you have to know how to “read” your client and sell them the experience, not necessarily the property.


This applies to commercial real estate too. Take casinos, for instance. Considering the advent of online casinos, which have taken the industry by storm thanks to innovations such as bonos de casino and new games, many companies are hesitant to invest in physical casinos. However, these properties can generate revenue too, if you know how to advertise them.


Whether you’re trying to rent or sell a property, it’s important to take the time and get to know your client: what they’re looking for, what’s holding them back, and what their budget is. Then, use your expertise to add value and make their journey easier.


Go on social media to boost engagement.

Predicting the state of the real estate market in 2021 isn’t easy. There are many variables involved, such as how much the local economy was affected, the type of properties you are trying to sell, and the category of clients you are trying to appeal to. But one thing that’s certain in all of this is that social media has changed the way that realtors interact with potential clients and how they advertise their properties.


First of all, social media allows you to share your properties quickly and easily to a vast pool of potential clients. Then, by leveraging targeted ad campaigns, you can make sure your properties reach the most relevant buyers, keeping in mind user personas.


Secondly, social media offers you a safe way of engaging with potential clients and adding a more human element to the realtor-client relationship. For example, Facebook is a great way of sharing valuable content that helps people find the perfect property for their needs or understand the state of the market. LinkedIn is perfect for building professional relationships and, by joining realtor groups, you can work together to overcome the current challenges. Instagram works best for visual content, and you can share beautiful images of your properties. But, more than anything, social media is a great place to simply connect and keep in touch with your audience. Use your platform to share your insights about the market, do polls to ask for their thoughts, answer their questions, and try to focus more on quality than on aggressive promotion.

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Great information thanks for sharing.  I hope you have a great day.

May 11, 2021 04:09 AM
Bill Salvatore - East Valley
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Some very good points.  I will be so glad when "Social Distancing" wil be in the rear window, or will it?   Make it the best Tuesday, and dont forget the Tacos.  Bill Salvatore

May 11, 2021 04:51 AM
Rocky Dickerson
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Superior Service!

Good morning Cynthia! Your affinity for casinos does aid you in fresh ideas for real estate

May 11, 2021 06:01 AM
JosephE Richmond

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