Keeping Your Home Safe From EMF

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It seems the world today is full of things we need to be wary of and make sure we are protected from - from the negative effect of social media on our health to the threats of disease and climate change.


Luckily, some are easily protected against with the right gear - and one of those things is EMF radiation.


So what is EMF radiation?


Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re already clued into what EMF radiation is - but just in case you’re not, we’ll give you a quick run down.


EMF radiation stands for Electro-Magnetic Field radiation. Electromagnetic fields are not in themselves a negative phenomenon - the sun has an electromagnetic field, for instance. However, advancing technology means that we are constantly exposed to greater and greater intensities of EMFs, and this has been shown to have detrimental effects in the health of animals and some humans.


The research into the health effects of EMF is ongoing, and there are studies which argue that they are not causing humans health problems. However, many believe that it’s better safe than sorry and that the government regulations in place to protect us from EMF don’t go far enough - and it’s best to take your and your family’s health into your own hands.

Products to Protect From EMF

There is not just one kind of EMF radiation protection, and you can get lots of different kinds of equipment to help you protect against it.


There are lots of different options, ranging from more frivolous ideas like ‘energy dots’ which stick to the back of your phone case and claim to neutralise harmful EMF radiation while bringing you positive energy, to shielding products such as circuit board shields which protect from pulses of EMF radiation interfering with electrical equipment.


You can get both internal and external shielding products for your home. Outside, you can invest in shields for circuit boards and power lines, and in EMF shielding paint. Inside, you can take the unusual step of ordering EMF shielding fabric drapes, which look just like gauze or netting drapes but protect from EMF radiation. Also available are grounding products which protect from string electrical surges, and personal protective equipment such as EMF radiation protective blankets, bed canopies and floor mats.


The world can feel like a dangerous place, and it’s true that we all put a lot of thought into keeping ourselves and our families safe. Luckily, when it comes to something like EMF radiation, you can invest in tangible protection.

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