How to Plan the Structure of Your New House

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Are you planning to construct a new house for your family? Well, if your answer to this question is yes, then you have arrived on the right website. We can help you plan your construction more effectively. People make different kinds of houses, and everyone dreams of living in a well constructed house. No one wants their expensive land to be piled simply by bricks and mortar. 

A well build house is a payback of a well planned map, hard work, excellent material, and all. Do you want to build a swimming pool as well? If yes, then please make sure to find a reliable Swimming Pool Builder around your new home location. 

What are the basics you should know before you build a house?

House building

The basics of building a house Or if we are going to build a house, we should know or know what People who build their own homes often have a difficult problem causing pain. Because since the beginning of the construction of the house, it began to have problems and suffering from the beginning of finding a house draftsman, looking for a contractor, looking for a reliable work supervisor. When starting the construction, there is a problem with choosing to purchase standard building materials. There is a change in the construction design because of changing the usage requirements. Have problems with neighboring neighbors In the end, construction costs both money and time, but actually building your own home doesn't need to know all about construction. Let's just know the main details. To get a home that is both beautiful and secure, it should be enough

When looking to build a house, the first thing you must have is a house design by having the architect design or buy prefabricated houses that are available for sale online. Which is at the expense of the architect Structural engineer or systems engineer, draftsman And printing costs, so if it is a prefabricated house, the price will be cheaper Because they can be sold multiple times in a single design. But a prefabricated house design may not be as functional as required by an architect

House type

The house plan will consist of Floor plan of the house Floor plans of every floor up to the roof, all sides. At least 2 cross-sections of the house, if it is a house with a large area, must have more than 2 cuts, in addition, it must have details of various parts of the house to be enlarged for work, such as a detailing of a door, window, sanitary ware Designs for decorating various parts of the house, such as handrails, steps, cornices or trims around the walls of the house, the roof of the house, is a prototype of the structure showing the details of the reinforcement of the cross-section, beams, columns and floors. Of various parts What is the size and what kind of composition How is the angle of inclination? Plumbing and sanitation system works Shows the operation of water pipes, sewage and rainwater drainage systems. A type of electrical and lighting system showing the circuit of electrical work Telephone communication system, TV reception point And that is an important part that must be used for applying for a construction permit. Is a structural calculation list of structural engineers Then go to request documents to apply for permission from the municipality. And fill it out completely

How to ask permission to build a house

  1. Fill out a request for building construction permission. Modify buildings or demolish buildings (Khor.1)
  2. Plan plans, amount 5 sets
  3. Certificate of being a designer, architect and engineer with a copy of the license.
  4. A copy of the title deed for construction
  5. Copy of ID card Or house registration of building owners In the case of a juristic person, a certificate of registration is used.

All documents are then submitted to the municipality where the land is located within 45 days, must be informed whether or not it is permitted, and if not, what amendments must be made? Once resolved, it should be allowed. 

We hope this article was informative and educational. Thanks for coming here and showing your interest in our details.

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