5 Easy Sunday Self Care Ideas

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After a long week of balancing work and family, it can be difficult to relax into a weekend. My husband and I have found it especially hard since the pandemic to separate work and life. Even on the weekend, our minds travel to work more often than we care to admit.


And therefore, this has become a huge problem in our household. Studies show that without rest and recovery, our energy becomes depleted and we actually perform poorly. So, how do we let go?


If you're like us, and need a little nudge for rest and relaxation, try one of these tips!


1.  Schedule It In


What gets scheduled, gets done. So, every week schedule in your time with family, friends, and solitude to make sure you're giving yourself the love you need to start a new week fresh and ready to go. This step can not be missed.


2. Make Sunday a "No Devices" Day


Even with the best intentions, we are often derailed by our technology. It's a slot machine in our pockets. So, for this one day of the week, commit to putting them away and being present with your true day off. Get outside instead. Or read a book on the couch. No excuses on this, just do it.


3. Get Motivated

Work progress can be intrinsically motivating. So, how do we make self-care more motivating? Check out these take care of yourself quotes to start. Then, think about your long-term benefits and the happiness you feel when you take care of your mental health and find balance in your life. Really bring those forward, so that you enter the weekend in the right frame of mind.


4. Let Others Know

In my family, my husband and I have the best follow through when we tell our kids our intentions. If they see us on our phones or working on a Sunday, they certainly let us know. And that's exactly what we need sometimes. 


5. Do What You Enjoy Most

Self-care is only nourishing when it involves activities you truly love to do. So, get gardening if you LOVE to do so. Or ride your bike. Or spend all day laying in the sun. Listen to your body, mind, and soul, and you'll have a great idea of what you need on your self-care day.


In Conclusion

I hope these ideas help you take it easy this weekend and give yourself the space and care you need. As a society, we need to quit treating our bodies like machines and admit that we are human beings. In this, we make it more acceptable to take breaks when needed and care for ourselves the way we should be treated.

“There is enough time for self-care. There is not enough time to make up for the life you’ll miss by not filling yourself up.” — Jennifer Williamson

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