Homes That Take Luxury Living to the Next Level

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This year, home prices are at an all-time high, rising faster than they have since 2006. There's a huge shortage of pre-built homes to choose from too.

That's why affluent prospective homeowners are opting to build their own residences nowadays.

A custom-built home gives you almost unlimited access to anything you want in your new home. So, if luxury living is at the top of your wish list, keep reading.

These are the top new home trends for those who like the finer things in life.

Luxury Living Begins With Top Class Amenities

Most homeowners want all the creature comforts when building or shopping for a home. They want their homes to provide resort-quality comfort and sophistication.

Bathrooms are one of the main areas where these haven-like qualities stand out. Spa-like features are a top priority.

These include:

  • Soothing lights
  • Alcove walls
  • High-end beveled mirrors
  • Supremely luxurious floor and wall tiles

Spa baths and glass-walled rain showers are a must for those seeking a luxurious sanctuary when it comes to bathroom basics.

Fitness Is the Latest Fad

Relaxing in style isn't the only priority for well-heeled real estate shoppers. A fitness room features high on the list for those who want to stay fit and healthy without leaving home.

Unlike ordinary home gyms, these gyms take things to the next level.

They feature indoor pools, saunas, built-in TVs, and wireless speakers to create the perfect blend of working out and winding down.

Smart Energy-Saving Features

Energy conservation isn't only a trend for these savvy sophisticates, it's an absolute necessity. Smart conveniences are vital in upscale home construction nowadays.

In sought-after luxury homes, the latest smart technology, powered by artificial intelligence, dominates. Everything's automated, from the thermostat to the garage door, and all the appliances.

Luxury Homes Architecture

Prospective homeowners leave no stone unturned when searching for or creating their ideal home. The most desirable architectural features include gentle curves like archways, and rounded corners as well as stand-out features like art nooks.

Architects design the best homes to incorporate clean air and energy-wise extra. Floor-to-ceiling windows, open-concept living, indoor-outdoor spaces, and natural materials are in high demand.

Multifunctional design's come to the fore as homes have evolved into places where we work, sleep, eat, play, and even educate our children.

Nowadays, truly high-end real estate stands out for its unique custom-built features and extras that serve every need of the occupants.

Interior Design for a Luxe Lifestyle

Any real estate agent will tell you location is everything when it comes to finding the ultimate luxury home. Yet, it's possible to set the scene for luxury within your own walls.

These are the top choices when it comes to creating the ultimate swish interiors:

Relaxed Living and Rustic Luxury

Glam is gone for good as people embrace what's important to them.

Entertainment areas have become laid-back, loosely structured areas, where people can hang out in comfort. Outdoor spaces for mingling with friends are springing up in every backyard and every possible rooftop.

Furnishings have gone from structured to fluid. Now, soft, rounded edges and neutral palettes dominate interior designs. Organic materials are hot property, with a touch of bling for old-times-sake.

Trending colors include the full spectrum of neutrals like ivory tones, burnt orange, beige, pink, and mustard.

Luxury rustic designs incorporate natural stone, timber, and layered textures. This creates a luxury ski-lodge ambiance throughout all the best-dressed homes.

These aspects help create a calm, nurturing environment that makes staying at home every bit as good as an exotic getaway.

Outside Is 'So In'

Every luxury homeowner wants to bring the outside in when designing or searching for their ideal home. Ideally, the two should blend seamlessly, linked by innovations like bifold sliders and increasing amounts of glass.

With so much more time spent indoors nowadays, connecting with nature isn't a trend anymore, it's a necessity. Sliding doors and glass panes are far preferable to solid walls that block out natural light and connection with the great outdoors.

Nowadays, outdoor spaces are as multifunctional as their indoor peers. They feature areas dedicated to work, dining, relaxation, and entertainment.

Homeowners are paying increasing attention to outdoor spaces that mimic the flawless design and flow of their interiors.

Colorful Kitchens

While neutral tones and organic features bring a sense of calm and ease to living spaces, multi-colored kitchens inject vigor and energy into these busy hubs.

The idea of a luxury kitchen's become far removed for the ever-popular white and stainless steel. Now, millwork, walls, and cabinets are aglow with bold shades like dusty teal, dark olive, and even metallic touches.

These new neutrals have taken over from the recent deep gray strand. They're complemented by classic design elements like window encasements, fluted doors, and crown molding.

White cabinets still work, as long as they're supported by a wealth of warm, rich colors.

Little Hideaways

Life may have forced every family closer together nowadays, but everybody needs a little time to themselves. Small hidden rooms separate from the hubbub of open-plan areas are a top attraction for high-end homeowners.

These havens allow them to have their own space for work or contemplation or a much-needed break from the busyness of everyday life.

Some high-end homeowners are even turning their backs on open plan living in favor of the concept of 'traveling' to different zones of the home.

Find Your Perfect Space

Are you one of the many homebuyers hoping to make the most of low mortgage rates to find your ideal home? The above factors could help guide your choices.

Alternatively, you could mold your existing home into everything you envisioned using these trends as a guide. For more information on the latest luxury living trends and tips to do with real estate, keep browsing our website.


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