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As we move through 2021, the global real estate market is entering a new phase of growth, which is largely due to companies rearranging their operations, slowly but surely recovering from the COVID-19 impact. Great efforts are made to recover from the initial shock and overcome the weakness in the economy. Nevertheless, it’s advisable for investors to practice caution. Even one investment gone sour can seriously impact the ability to function in the future. Even if the property and location meet the requirements of the investing strategy, it’s still necessary to think things twice. 

In times of fear and uncertainty, there’s also opportunity. A good way to make money as a real estate investor is to break into the hotel/gaming industry. The growing power of brands within the landscape will drive more lodging consolidation. The provision of recreational-related products or services, by a private enterprise, can turn out to be a profitable undertaking. In case you’re curious to find out more, please continue reading. 

To begin, let’s have a quick overview of the hotel-gaming industry 

The leisure industry as a whole plays an important part in the global economy, where there is a desperate need for equilibrium. Anytime you have multiple businesses competing for a hold in the global economy, that represents a good sign for consumers because the quality of the products and services increases dramatically. Prospective investors must rely on the counsel of industry-focused advisors when carrying out transactions, especially across borders. Companies in the hotel/gaming industry generally provide short-term lodging in facilities with casinos on-premises in an effort to appeal to all consumers.  

Attention needs to be paid to the fact that some businesses may operate strictly in the hospitality market, while others may just run resorts or gaming retreats. All the important companies have operations in overseas gambling destinations, of which example can be made of Spain. Even though people like to jugar a las tragaperras espanolas en línea, they take pleasure in visiting casino facilities. Everything they could possibly want and need is under one roof. So, they can enjoy lodging, food, and games without moving to a different place. People have and will continue to place wagers on games of chance. 

If you’re under the impression that a casino hotel is just a place to stay for the night, you’re mistaken. It has more to offer than a fashionable interior and breathtaking exterior. These days, businesses in the hotel/gaming industry make available exclusive services for the most sophisticated visitors. Examples include but aren’t limited to valet parking, food and beverages, a swimming pool, and even a health club. Luxury is a small thing when it comes down to creating a meaningful experience. Large or small, the establishment creates an emotional connection with people, the product, and the brand. 

3 trends driving change in the hotel/gaming industry in 2021Companies will continue to prioritize safety for in-person experiences 

Operators in the hotel/gaming industry have been forced to introduce new protocols at the beginning of the pandemic to meet safety measures. Given that there’s absolutely no guarantee how long the health crisis will last, it’s essential to maintain some of these protocols. Public areas are frequently cleaned and disinfected to ensure an increased level of hygiene. Disinfection kits are present in front of elevators and at the entrance of facilities. Not only is the staff required to wear face coverings but also they’re expected to remind guests about social distancing guidelines.   

Hotels and casinos will push for successful digital transformation 

A great many businesses have embraced online gaming and sports betting to compensate for financial losses. Online gambling brings about much-needed income for the industry. Nothing can compare to the experience of vesting a physical gambling establishment. Just think about the sights and sounds. Nevertheless, many prefer visiting a web-based gambling establishment, which are significant improvements of early versions. Most online casinos rely on software that allows to start a more complex project. Advanced technology is at the top of the mind of casino hotels. 

With time, customers will have more control over the check-in and check-out experience, therefore, eliminating unnecessary in-person encounters. Since the mobile trend is still going strong, it won’t come as a surprise if contactless payment will be extended to allow people to make purchases and even play casino games such as slots, roulette, and baccarat.  The hotel/gaming industry will experience many changes. In addition to what was mentioned before, examples include smart upselling, electronic locks, and chatbots. 

Merger and acquisition activity will continue 

Numerous deals have been completed in an effort to break into new and emerging markets, deliver new business lines/services, and create an efficient scale. Gambling activities are becoming more and more popular, mergers and acquisitions becoming the preferred choice. There is specific activity related to online gambling. If you’d like to know more on the subject, it would be helpful to consult a guide on understanding online gambling. Getting back on topic, merger and acquisition activity is focused on crossing borders, gaining exposure to the CEE market.  

With long-standing commitment, you can achieve your goals 

The key to success is taking action. Therefore, to reach financial freedom, it’s necessary to stay committed to what you’re doing. Stay committed to your real estate investment plan and find your rightful place in the category of successful investors. If you’re a long-term investor, the hotel/gaming industry should prove to be a milestone. Commitment is an investment in yourself. Don’t be afraid of failing. It’s tempting to blame the market for what is going on, but keep in mind that investment failure is on you. This basically translates into the fact that you need to be smart with your money. 

Finally yet importantly, as the global economy continues to recover and even show signs of growth, hotel/gaming companies can take advantage of consumers’ increased appetite for spending. The annual cash flow can sufficiently cover the spending plans and dividends paid to stockholders. The profitability of individual operations depends on efficient marketing, so don’t hesitate to allocate funds for advertising. It’s a worthwhile expense. 

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