How To Choose A Good Portable EV Charger

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Brand competition has made the Portable EV charger market more exciting. Standing among many choices, what is the most important for a charger?

Along with the development of EV technology, the portable EV charger market is becoming more and more competitive. However, this diversity makes many consumers confused, as not all can really understand the factors to consider when purchasing a charger. If you are not sure where to start, don't worry, this article will help you.

What To Look For When Buying Portable EV Charger

Quality and safety are always top priorities when choosing a charger. However, how to find a product that meets both of these requirements? Here are a few suggestions for you:


Amperage is the major factor affecting the charging speed. Specifically, the higher the amperage, the shorter the charging time.

Our advice is to choose powerful portable EV chargers to save time. The ideal amperage is between 32 amps - 40 amps.

Charging Cap

Cable lengths vary between chargers. Some cheap portable EV charger models only have a 16-foot cap, which is quite inconvenient when the power source is not near your car. 

Thus, we suggest choosing chargers that are ideally 24-25 feet in length. Otherwise, the minimum length must reach 20 feet.

It is also necessary to pay attention to storing the charging cap properly. And remember, a quality cap is one that you can easily wrap up when not in use. 

Connect Ability

Noticeably, high-end portable EV charger models feature Wi-Fi connectivity. With a smartphone, users can monitor and control the charging process anywhere. Some chargers can even receive commands through Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa.

Also, you should choose brands equipped with led screens, which allow you to easily control your electricity consumption.

Weather element

Obviously, a portable EV charger is an ideal tool for long trips. However, charging outside can pose many undesirable factors such as rain, snow, cold temperatures.

However, not all chargers are built to withstand every wether condition. What you need is to make sure that your choice can operate efficiently even in such situations.

Besides, you can also refer to some models with leather cases to protect the plug when not in use.


As a daily car power supply device, the safety of portable EV chargers is extremely important. However, some companies have not really paid much attention to this issue.

That’s why you should be careful with chargers that do not have a quality standard certification. In the interest of safety, we recommend choosing reliable brands.


The price of a portable EV charger depends on speed, cable length, programmability, etc. It ranges from $400 to $1,200.

However, it is not always "expensive to be good". You should consider spending based on the economic situation of the family. Sometimes, a discount program can help you.

You can refer to the most popular portable EV charger at the following link.


Above is how to choose a good portable EV charger. Every decision will become easier when you are well prepared. With our recommendations, hopefully, you will find an ideal charger for your car. 

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