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The automotive locksmith Pittsburgh offers everyone a comprehensive range of automotive locksmith services for many motorcycles, cars and trucks. The automotive locksmith Pittsburgh team from Bar’s Locksmith can program and supply automotive transponder keys and different remotes. From transponder key programming to using the latest technology like laser cutting machines Bar’s Locksmith is the place to seek help from.

If you have lost your keys, they have been stolen or your car alarm is going off for no reason give the automotive locksmith Pittsburgh professionals a call who will promptly see to a solution.


What Services Does Automotive Locksmith Pittsburgh Offer?


When you are in need of an automotive locksmith Pittsburgh Bar’s Locksmith Pittsburgh, PA company know how frustrated you can feel.


If you are located in Pittsburgh, PA Call the local automotive locksmith Pittsburgh who can help with the following and more:


  • Need a keyless fob replacement
  • New a spare transponder key
  • Replacements for damaged keys
  • Duplicate keys 
  • Broken key extractions
  • Car alarm systems
  • Central locking problems
  • Car lockouts in Pittsburgh, PA

Many more top the list that have now become a common callout for the Bar’s Locksmith team in the Pittsburgh, PA.


Car Key Replacement and Cutting


People tend to underestimate how important it is to have a duplicate key. Suddenly you know how much you needed one when you lose your only key. It can be frustrating, stressful and you may shout out a few cursed words but it’s time to come to the realization that Bar’s Locksmith Pittsburgh, PA have everything that is required to cut you a new key. The automotive locksmith Pittsburgh company has a mobile van so this job can be done at your location all in a short time frame. 

You might think that with technology as it is now that you might not be able to get a duplicate key for a very old car but that isn’t true. The automotive locksmith Pittsburgh team can make duplicate keys for the eldest cars up to the ones boasting so much technology you cannot keep up.


Can I Get a Replacement from My Car Dealership?

You certainly can. However, the problem here is the fact your dealership will charge nearly 3 times the amount of an automotive locksmith Pittsburgh locksmith to cut the exact same key. Everything is the same but without the dealership logo which is what you are paying for. Logo’s don’t add any extra benefit so there is no point paying out all that extra money when we work hard for our money as it is.

Broken and Worn-out Keys

Car keys like most other things don’t last forever. We are using our car keys everyday sometimes a few times a day and when we are finished with them, they get thrown on the bench or in the handbag. There is no surprise that car keys tend to get their fair share of wear and tear. Unfortunately, badly damaged keys will eventually stop working, which can occur when you least expect it. Automotive locksmith Pittsburgh have a qualified team that specialize in auto security problems who can create a new key that will replace your worn-out key. It is best to get this done before the key gets any worse as you may end up getting the key stuck in the ignition barrel if it breaks

Ignition Repairs and Replacements

If you have a damaged cylinder in the car’s ignition lock then you won’t be able to turn over the ignition which can indicate you need a new one altogether. If your key is in the ignition but you cannot pull it out don’t force it. Call automotive locksmith Pittsburgh who will assess the issue straight away. 

Even Mechanics Need an Auto Locksmith


Now mechanics are working within a job that is high pressure all the time. When you have a car problem, they are the ones who deal with the concerns – apart from when it concerns car keys.

Automotive locksmith Pittsburgh help mechanics who need someone to look over their car security problems. Mechanics don’t have the time to be learning the how to’s on the security side of things which is why they leave it to the professionals at automotive locksmith Pittsburgh. 

Beware of the Locksmith Who offers Deals Too Cheap

You need to be wary when it comes to choosing an automotive locksmith Pittsburgh as there are so many scammers out there waiting for their next victim. If you see an advertisement and the price is really low or sounds too good to be true, it quite possible is. When you call these scammers, they won’t seem very knowledgeable and won’t be able to give you a fixed price or a breakdown of the fees. They may offer you a cheap price for a call out and then ask you to debit that into their account straight away. Asking for money upfront before the job is done is a reg flag when it comes to those scammer automotive locksmith Pittsburgh companies. When you ask for an ABN number or their registered company name you will most likely be moved away from the subject or receive a hang up.

Is Your Boot Lock Not Responding to Your Key?

If the boot of your car won’t open with the key that you use to unlock the rest of the car and there doesn’t seem to be any damage the boot lock might be configured to another key. Sometimes mechanics will swap boot lids and locks if there needs to be a replacement due to damage from an accident but then they don’t end up being keyed to the original key when the installation was completed

Having many different keys to just one vehicle can become a nightmare in your lifetime with that vehicle. Multiple keys can be easily lost not to mention confusing and frustrating. It is better to have just one key that operates everything than one key for each different lock of your car. If you have this concern talk to the trusted team and get that problem fixed today!


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