Best Magento Extensions For New Ecommerce Site

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Like all technologies, those used in e-commerce are evolving rapidly. Magento platform is rightfully considered one of the main and promising market leaders. Especially the updated version, offering the maximum set of features capable of achieving maximum sales productivity.

Magento 2 Sore Migration makes what seemed impossible a few years ago a reality available to every business owner. If properly configured and developed, the final product is able to surprise and provide the highest quality interaction with the target audience. But what allows a store to improve its performance? Modules, extensions and the ability to integrate the necessary processes. Therefore, we have prepared a description of useful extensions.

Exto Analytics

Running an online store without proper analytics is a waste of money. Yes, standard tools can be used, and many do. But they are unlikely to provide an adequate level of control over the behavioral factors of users with the site. And many people think Magento Custom Extension Development is an expensive undertaking. But this extension is not only free, but also highly customizable. Your business needs data driven marketing. Therefore, if you want to go beyond the standard reporting in Magento 2, you should use Exto Analytics. This tool will allow you to:

  • get an in-depth analysis of your business
  • understand which marketing strategy you should cover;
  • carefully study the causes of failures and eliminate the problems that provoke them;
  • improve the site by understanding the needs of the audience.

There are 3 types of reports available to the owner: Sales overview, Sales by product, Sales by category. The ability to select a date range is available in every report, so you can track and compare sales results over time.

Description of features

The Sales by Product report allows you to identify the top-selling products, analyze the sales of individual products, and compare them to specific performance metrics. Profit KPIs are calculated for each product in the Magento store separately.

  • The Sales by Category report allows you to sort products by category, manufacturer, size, color, and many other attributes. Thanks to this, you can pinpoint which factor is driving more sales and which type of product to promote more.
  • Ability to segment data by order status, order date, etc.
  • Graphical visualization of data from each report.

A real-time mobile dashboard that allows you to constantly monitor your Magento store.

The reports are easy to manage. You can sort data by columns and enable disable selected columns.

All the data you have collected so far will be added after installing Exto Analytics.

Free Blog

A well-designed blog will keep you constantly in touch with your customers and keep them informed about current promotions, new products that you present, and notify them of upcoming industry trends.

  • The benefit of the possibilities of using this tool lies in the possibilities:
  • You can easily import blog posts and categories from an existing WordPress blog.
  • Your clients can easily find blog posts thanks to the search engine option.
  • You can combine related records and products.
  • Includes widgets, recent posts and archive.
  • You get an additional XML sitemap and RSS feed.

Security from Mageplaza

Security is always a very important issue for every Magento store owner. After all, they process tons of personal data that can be stolen by hackers. To prevent this, Megaplaza has released a plugin that effectively protects the IP address of your online store. Thanks to this module, you can protect yourself from hacker attacks.


  • The extension automatically sends emails warning of a potential hack attempt.
  • Includes alert email templates.
  • Can detect logins from the IP blacklist.
  • Includes internal security checks.

Sales pop

Gaining customer trust is not easy. They only buy from those they love, know and trust. This is why Sales Pop is worth using. This is one of the essential elements that should be included in all types of online stores.

Based on the power of social proof, Sales Pop will automatically display notifications for the latest sales made on your Magento store in the corner of your screen. This helps create the feeling that the store is running at full capacity, which builds your brand awareness.

This strategy is widely used in e-commerce and has been producing great results. After installing the extension, it automatically synchronizes with the store database and processes the latest transactions to receive notifications.

Application benefits:

  • Shows recent purchases from your store as small pop-ups.
  • It integrates with Magento with one click and is quick and easy to use.
  • Configuration options are available.

Store Manager Connector

The Store Manager Connector is a great tool if you want to centralize all of your operations in one place. This free plugin allows you to efficiently manage your assortment, sales and purchases in one place. Using it helps:

  • improve the efficiency of your Magento store;
  • reduce costs and maximize profits.
  • it is possible to edit, move and copy products and categories.
  • export products to .csv or Excel files and import products from .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .ods.
  • control of supplies.

The extension works offline and the changes made will be updated when the connection is restored.

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