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What you see in the photo above is corrected radon remediation that was done today on my home that was built only 4 years ago. The builder installed the radon remediation pipe smack dab next to the cinder block wall and consequently the pipe is sitting on a footer to the foundation and not out in the gravel area away from the footer. Robert Tsas from Roberts Radon came today to correct it. That required cutting off the original pipe at the floor and then drilling a hole slightly larger than 4" in diameter in the cement floor away from the wall. He showed me how he had to drill and dig until he got to the gravel layer and then re-route the pipe over to the new hole. Mine was a passive radon system (just the piping) and Roberts Radon Robert's Radon, L.L.C turned it in to an active system (piping and a fan on the other end to draw the radon gas out of the home).
Passive radon systems are very typical in newly built homes because the builders don't want to pay the extra money to make them an active system. Robert told me that many builders will also install the piping right on the footer just like my builder handled it and whether the system is active or passive, that means there won't be any radon moving from under the home and out in to the open air. Not good.
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