What are the benefits of chatbots for real estate?

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For business professionals, interacting with clients is the key to successful sales. Nowadays, real estate has moved online, and technology has produced a lot of real estate support services with improved features and quality. The events of 2020 have affected all industries across the globe and unfortunately, the real estate market was one of them. On the bright side, a virtual assistants can come to the rescue and the market comeback looks stronger than ever. A series of new solutions will ensure smooth and effective communication with clients.

Customer engagement is the process of building relationships with long-term clients for your real estate agency. In times when clients expect an immediate response while busy real estate agents can’t answer every call from a customer, a chabot is your friend.  Chatbots are a real-life saviour for real estate management as they help limit disruptions in the business process and ensures customer satisfaction.


Real estate chatbots — here comes the cavalry

A chatbot is a digital service that automatically responds to customer messages via social media, websites and other platforms. In other words, it is a tool that helps automate  communication by responding to customer messages according to pre-installed scripts. In fact, this tech is way faster at responding than a person, and reduces the risk of human error. Chatbots are an effective tool that helps real estate clients around the clock, eliminating the need for extra staff to spend endless hours replying to customers. This helps reduce recruiting costs and allows agents to focus on what really matters — building strong customer relationships. Overall, a virtual assistant, your chatbot, is a cost-effective solution for any industry — including real estate.


To successfully run a real estate business

Chatbots in the real estate sector or any other field are always a key factor in creating stability and credibility for marketing. Post-2020, most real estate sales face many difficulties such as work pressure, financial uncertainty, and trouble finding customers. To solve this situation, businesses are advised to look for a comprehensive real estate management tool to improve their sales performance. Naturally, chatbots for real estate have quickly become popular business management software solutions, and an indispensable tool for any real estate sale.

Experts have stated that being available for online customer support is crucial to buyers and sellers from a personal perspective. Moreover, prompt customer service is also a key factor for the reputation and development of any real estate agency. A chatbot is updated continuously, making sure you never miss another customer interaction. The outstanding advantage of chatbots are their simplicity because today’s most common chatbots work through pre-programmed data. Built-in chatbot responses are often used to answer frequently asked questions according to scripts or available databases. When it comes to assisting a visitor who could be a potential client, a chatbot can turn a lead into a new customer.

Let’s play through a scenario. Imagine that a visitor is looking to settle into a new apartment, or a potential seller is looking to sell their condominium. In both the cases, both parties require immediate answers, however, there are times when a real estate agent is busy with other listings or managing returning clients. It is nearly impossible for them to take time out of their schedule to assist a random visitor on their website. Setting a level of priority for important tasks or serious clients or tasks is quite time-consuming. By having the must-have tools such as virtual assistants for your real estate agency will simplify your life and maximize your business success. After all, the point of technology is to help you work smarter, not harder. Almost every buyer and seller begins their journey online. One of the best ways to increase the ability to close more deals is to apply custom chatbots based on real estate databases that assist them in building their sales funnel.


Finding leads

Here is a scenario when a visitor is looking to rent a one bedroom apartment for two people. Attracting the customer to the site is half of the job. In order to keep them interested, a chatbot will appear with greetings and present all of the available rental offers. This will give agents insight to qualify leads based on the visitor search. Chatbots for real estate businesses are quick and accurate. Use them to save time, improve efficiency and productivity, and automate an effective customer experience. Moreover, chatbots help you improve market competitiveness and build up a brand reputation that is more reliable in the eyes of customers.


Operate outside working hours

Here’s another example for startup companies that looking for office space — chatbots take up no space and don’t get tired. In this case, time is of the essence and having a 24/7 online consultant is the preeminent solution to help real estate businesses build customer loyalty. Improve the customer experience and get a chatbot to help outside of operational hours.


Attract the younger generation 

Be on trend. The younger generation are more active on social media and are used to interacting with chatbots. Statistics show that more than half of millennials prefer to message online chat support rather than to talk on the phone, fill out a form, or even write an email directly. Tools such as chatbots allow your business to track their transactions and continuously improve sales performance. In most cases, chatbots are used via messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger to talk to clients. Chatbots usually communicate with users in the form of a message (text) or sound (audio). Staying current with the latest technology trends will save time and create a chance to stand out from competitors who haven’t adjusted their selling methods for younger clients in the market yet.



As mentioned earlier, pop-ups with messages that appear based on the client's interaction on the site work as triggers within smart widgets during a live chat. Personalized messages are best for engaging users and driving future sales.

For example, if a visitor has viewed a listing more than 3 times, a message in the pop-up widget will offer them help and transfer them to the sales department to close the deal. When a visitor clicks a button to interact with an agent, you get their data for further interaction using automated scripts and triggers.


Problems vs how chatbots offer a solution

Through the digitization of customer support, chatbots have become a critical tool to help real estate businesses reduce management costs, easily control and measure business efficiency, avoid data loss, build good customer relationships, and increase customer experience. It is important to know that the cost per potential lead in the real estate sector is very high, so if you do not know how to take advantage of each opportunity, it may be a huge loss. Statistics show that 80% of future revenue usually comes from 20% of current customers. Therefore, to keep in touch or just be available to answer questions 24/7, we suggest tools such as live chat widgets to increase sales, simplify work loads for real estate agents, and increase customer loyalty. Our service can guarantee easy installation and stable performance.

Chatbots offer  indispensable solutions to help real estate agents manage and take good care of more customers remotely to optimize profits. Through this channel of  interactions, real estate sales staff can immediately contact customers at the right time when they are really in need of real estate, thereby increasing sales opportunities and sales revenue for businesses. With the support of chatbots, salespeople can easily and accurately capture sales and revenue at the time of gathering information on clients, build a perfect customer care strategy, store all customer information, exchange process, transactions, interest needs, and ensure 100% of customers are taken care of that will lead to an upsell later.

Being in real estate, it is prudent to build good relationships with customers. A chatbot won’t replace a face to face experience but it will reach more potential clients and give the agency a starting point as well as generate more leads. This solution proves to be effective and energizes many agents to provide consulting services to people settling into a place to call home.

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