Cape May Point - A Step Back in Time.

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Cape May Point is appropriately named, as it is located at the bottom point of New Jersey where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Delaware Bay.

Cape May Point is a quaint community. It's extremely clean and quiet.  It has been able to totally excape commercialism.  Very refreshing and sought after in this day and age.   If you like quiet days at the beach with friends and family and walking to wherever you need to go, then this is your town.

Famous Lake Lilly is located at the epicenter of town, where migratory birds stop by for some nourishment on their journey.  It's really a great sight.

There's the historic Cape May Lighthouse which is the centerpiece of the Cape May Point State Park.  Visitor Center, Hiking Trails, the old WWII Bunker....this area is truly a gem.  A must see for anyone in the area.

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