Why Summer Should Be Your Recharge Time

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It's almost here! Whether you have kids at home or are not, summer is the BEST time of year to take advantage of a slower pace, and truly set yourself up to renew and recharge.


Why should you take this time to reflect, rest, and bond with family?


Well, studies show that constant work and no play leads to long-term burnout, depression, and anxiety. Not to mention your overall happiness decreases rapidly.

We all know this! Think about the last time you didn't give yourself a break when you needed it. Were the mental health ramifications worth the sub-par productivity?


By taking more time off in the summer, you'll be setting yourself up for a fall and winter in which you're on fire with inspiration and motivation. Here's what you can do to give yourself a break this summer!

1. Schedule Down Time

Whether it's a big trip, a quiet staycation, a few extended weekends, or a sabbatical in which you get in touch with yourself again, it's important to prioritize your time off. Remember, what gets scheduled gets done! Always.

2. Tell Someone

If you're a born workaholic, make sure that others know about your plans for downtime. Peer pressure can be a VERY good thing when it's applied to something that makes our lives better.

3. Do A Digital Detox

Finally, when was the last time you took a break from your devices? Most of us are slaves to the constant messages, notifications, tv shows, and new channels that incorporate into our every waking moment. But, what about REAL life? Nature? Friends? Play?

Do yourself a favor this summer, and plan for time away from your technology for the best recharge you can possibly get!

In Conclusion

While it's not always easy to follow through, the rewards are exponential. Consider your summer downtime a gift you give yourself that will last through the rest of the year. Because, believe me, a well-rested and inspired you puts out much better work anyways! 

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