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Florida Mortgage Refinance

As a Florida homeowner, eventually, you'll consider refinancing your Florida mortgage. Before you decide to refinance, you should confer with an experienced Florida Mortgage Lender. Our licensed mortgage pros work hard to stay current on the best refinance mortgage programs. Our training objectives are to help each of our clients achieve the best combination of interest rate, mortgage terms, and low home loan closing fees for a Florida refinance. Call today at 1-800-570-0448 or use our quick application to learn more!

For over a decade, 1st Continental Mortgage has been the mortgage lender of choice in Florida because we deliver excellent rates and superb white glove mortgage service to Florida homeowners. 1st Continental Mortgage loan officers are well equipped to make refinancing your Florida Mortgage a smooth and pleasant transaction from application to closing.

After conferring with one of our loan officers, you may find that refinancing your existing mortgage loan isn't the most suitable way to meet your financial goals. In finance, there are often many ways to achieve a goal, and a conversation with a Florida mortgage expert can save you time in locating the homeowner loan that is going to work the best for your unique set of circumstances.

Why not call one of our friendly experienced loan officers today for a free review your financial situation and objectives. We're confident that when you complete your phone interview, you'll be certain you are applying for the best refinance homeowner loan. A loan that will serve your long-term interests and not just the interest of the mortgage originator you're working with. Call 1-800-570-0448 today or use our quick application for a free, no-obligation consultation.

For most of our clients, getting a refinance on their Florida Mortgage is the most important single financial transaction they will ever undertake. It's actually more important than when you first decided to purchase your Florida home! It's not something that most people do every day. In fact, some homeowners may only refinance two or three times in a lifetime.

Nevertheless, differences among Florida mortgage programs for refinancing that appear small can make a huge difference over the life of a typical Florida mortgage. The hard truth is, refinancing your home into the wrong loan can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or even put you at risk of losing your FL home to foreclosure.

At 1st Continental Mortgage, we'll listen carefully to your objectives for the refinance loan, ask the right questions, and use our experience to match you with the best program and lender from among the hundreds of debt consolidation refinance programs we offer.

At 1st Continental Mortgage, we're experts at identifying the small differences in competing refinance mortgage loan programs that can save our clients big dollars. We'll be glad to share what we know to help you create the best refinance scenario for your situation. Call 1-800-570-0448 or use our secure online quick application to see how simple it is to refinance a mortgage in Collier County or any of the other Florida counties we serve.

Whether you are motivated to refinance your Florida home by a desire to lower your interest rate, lower your monthly payment, change your terms, or remove a former spouse from a mortgage, we will be happy to help. Over the last decade, we have heard our share of excellent reasons for making changes to an existing Florida mortgage.  We have excellent Florida refi solutions for all kinds of homeowners from interest only refinances for a newly single professional; to refinancing a Mobile Home on land with a low fixed rate FHA mortgage in Wesley Chapel, Florida; to helping a young family avoid the shock of dramatically higher mortgage payments from an ARM.

Florida Debt Consolidation Refinance

Cash Out Refi in Florida

For some Florida clients, the need to refinance is driven by debt consolidation. It's not uncommon today for borrowers to feel that their credit card debt or other installment debt has taken on a life of its own. We know how to help you get the most for your hard-earned home equity when it comes to doing a cash out refinance for debt consolidation. Refinancing for debt consolidation can help free up hundreds of dollars a month and in some cases, the mortgage interest may be tax deductible. If you have home equity and need a fresh start, call 1-800-570-0448 or use our quick application. We think you'll be glad you did!

We don't recommend refinancing a first mortgage to every client as a vehicle to consolidate debt or get cash out. Sometimes a prepayment penalty on the first mortgage makes a Second Mortgage or home equity line of credit a better way to access home equity. In other cases, the first mortgage may have a desirable characteristic, such as a below market interest rate, that makes refinancing simply not worthwhile. We'll be happy to help you generate a range of refinance program options and to choose the best from among them.

Why not call us today at 1-800-570-0448 or fill out our quick application to get a fast quote on refinancing your Florida mortgage!

Here are just a few of the reasons our past clients have expressed for refinancing their Florida homes:

  • Lower the interest rate on your present fixed rate mortgage;
  • Convert a high risk Florida ARM to a stable 30 year fixed rate mortgage;
  • Refinance out of a fully indexed Adjustable Rate Mortgage into a FHA fixed rate loan;
  • Consolidate all your high interest credit card debts into a single monthly mortgage payment
  • Refinance to pull cash out for hospital bills, college tuition, or to finance a wedding, honeymoon or exotic vacation;
  • Escape a Florida bad credit mortgage program into a more permanent mortgage;
  • Improve your cash flow with a refinance to an Interest Only mortgage.

With more than 100 lender programs to draw upon, 1st Continental Mortgage loan officers have been delivering the right homeowner refinancing loans for over a decade to thousands of Floridians. Here is a partial list of the mortgage programs that we can help you with:

  • Fixed rate mortgage refinance with 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, 30 year and 40 year fixed rate terms;
  • Interest only mortgage refi options;
  • Debt consolidation refinance programs;
  • Florida Jumbo mortgage and Super Jumbo mortgage refinancing programs;
  • Bad Credit mortgage programs;
  • Second mortgage, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit options;
  • Specialty mortgage products such as no income verification, no ratio, SISA and no doc mortgage programs.

The mortgage professionals of 1st Continental Mortgage are waiting to hear from you right now about your next Florida homeowner refinance opportunity. Just give them a ring at 1-800-570-0448 or apply securely online using our quick application. With so many excellent refinancing options for Florida homeowners, we're certain to have a Florida refinancing mortgage program designed for you!


Florida FHA Limits

MSA Name County Name One - Family Two - Family Three - Family
GAINESVILLE, FL (MSA) ALACHUA $204,440 $256,248 $309,744
JACKSONVILLE, FL (MSA) BAKER $294,500 $331,700 $403,000
PANAMA CITY - LYNN HAVEN, FL (MSA) BAY $300,960 $338,976 $411,840
NON-METRO BRADFORD $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
PALM BAY - MELBOURNE - TITUSVILLE, FL (MSA) BREVARD $221,350 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO CALHOUN $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
PUNTA GORDA, FL (MSA) CHARLOTTE $224,209 $256,248 $309,744
HOMOSASSA SPRINGS, FL (MICRO) CITRUS $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
JACKSONVILLE, FL (MSA) CLAY $294,500 $331,700 $403,000
NAPLES - MARCO ISLAND, FL (MSA) COLLIER $362,790 $427,893 $519,870
LAKE CITY, FL (MICRO) COLUMBIA $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
ARCADIA, FL (MICRO) DE SOTO $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO DIXIE $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
JACKSONVILLE, FL (MSA) DUVAL $294,500 $331,700 $403,000
PENSACOLA - FERRY PASS - BRENT, FL (MSA) ESCAMBIA $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
PALM COAST, FL (MICRO) FLAGLER $218,500 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO FRANKLIN $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
TALLAHASSEE, FL (MSA) GADSDEN $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
GAINESVILLE, FL (MSA) GILCHRIST $204,440 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO GLADES $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO GULF $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO HAMILTON $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
WAUCHULA, FL (MICRO) HARDEE $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
CLEWISTON, FL (MICRO) HENDRY $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
TAMPA - ST. PETERSBURG - CLEARWATER, FL (MSA) HERNANDO $222,300 $256,248 $309,744
SEBRING, FL (MICRO) HIGHLANDS $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO HOLMES $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
SEBASTIAN - VERO BEACH, FL (MSA) INDIAN RIVER $213,750 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO JACKSON $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
TALLAHASSEE, FL (MSA) JEFFERSON $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO LAFAYETTE $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
ORLANDO - KISSIMMEE, FL (MSA) LAKE $268,850 $302,810 $367,900
CAPE CORAL - FORT MYERS, FL (MSA) LEE $270,750 $304,950 $370,500
TALLAHASSEE, FL (MSA) LEON $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO LEVY $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO LIBERTY $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO MADISON $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
SARASOTA - BRADENTON - VENICE, FL (MSA) MANATEE $336,100 $378,554 $459,926
OCALA, FL (MSA) MARION $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
PORT ST. LUCIE - FORT PIERCE, FL (MSA) MARTIN $276,640 $311,584 $378,560
KEY WEST - MARATHON, FL (MICRO) MONROE $362,790 $464,449 $561,411
JACKSONVILLE, FL (MSA) NASSAU $294,500 $331,700 $403,000
OKEECHOBEE, FL (MICRO) OKEECHOBEE $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
ORLANDO - KISSIMMEE, FL (MSA) ORANGE $268,850 $302,810 $367,900
ORLANDO - KISSIMMEE, FL (MSA) OSCEOLA $268,850 $302,810 $367,900
TAMPA - ST. PETERSBURG - CLEARWATER, FL (MSA) PASCO $222,300 $256,248 $309,744
TAMPA - ST. PETERSBURG - CLEARWATER, FL (MSA) PINELLAS $222,300 $256,248 $309,744
LAKELAND, FL (MSA) POLK $205,200 $256,248 $309,744
PALATKA, FL (MICRO) PUTNAM $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
PENSACOLA - FERRY PASS - BRENT, FL (MSA) SANTA ROSA $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
SARASOTA - BRADENTON - VENICE, FL (MSA) SARASOTA $336,100 $378,554 $459,926
ORLANDO - KISSIMMEE, FL (MSA) SEMINOLE $268,850 $302,810 $367,900
JACKSONVILLE, FL (MSA) ST. JOHNS $294,500 $331,700 $403,000
PORT ST. LUCIE - FORT PIERCE, FL (MSA) ST. LUCIE $276,640 $311,584 $378,560
THE VILLAGES, FL (MICRO) SUMTER $211,375 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO SUWANNEE $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO TAYLOR $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO UNION $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
TALLAHASSEE, FL (MSA) WAKULLA $200,160 $256,248 $309,744
NON-METRO WALTON $362,790 $409,275 $497,250
NON-METRO WASHINGTON $200,160 $256,248 $309,744


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