7 DIY Tips to Keep the Critters Out of Your Home

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Clean Around Your Home’s Foundation

If there is firewood, stones, mulch, thick vegetation, or weeds around the foundation of your home, you have a perfect home for bugs in the warmer months right on your doorstep. Those bugs are going to invade the nearest structure come the colder months, and that will be your home.


Have an Exterior Perimeter Treatment Performed

Before it gets cold, you can hire a professional to perform an exterior perimeter treatment, which will kill the pests around your home before they enter. This solution is a great preventative option and can prevent you from treating your home internally, which means less harmful pesticides in your home.


 Pest Proof the Openings in Your Home

Bugs can quickly get into your home through open windows and vents, under doorways, and through cracks and gaps. Ensure that you are blocking off any potential entrances to bugs by adding screens to your windows, caulking cracks, and otherwise making your home impenetrable to creepy crawlies.

 Keep Your Space Clean

Bugs gravitate towards messes, crumbs, and food, so keeping your place clean is a must to keep bugs at bay. Coming up to fall, it’s a good idea to ramp up the cleaning in your home to make your home less appealing.

Keep your kitchen tidy, vacuum regularly, and keep your bins sealed. This strategy won’t keep bugs out entirely, but it will mean that bugs are far less likely to congregate in your home. You will also want to clean any clutter inside your home, which can provide shelter for bugs, such as piles of paper, fabric, or any other old clutter.


Keep Food and Water Out of Reach

Leaving food and water out or in unsealed containers is a buffet for bugs and provides them with the sustenance they need to survive. Ensure you clean leftover food as soon as you can and keep fruit in the fridge or the cupboard instead of on the bench.

However, your cupboards are not impenetrable, so you need to ensure your food is not in open containers. Invest in some sealed containers for all your cereals, dry baking goods, and anything else bugs can access.


Turn Up the Heat in Your Home

The critters in your home love warmth, which is why they are in your home in the first place, and why they tend to congregate on the sun-facing side of your home. Bugs slow down in the cold weather and go into a sort of semi-hibernation.


Get Your Home Fogged

If you have tried every other method for keeping bugs out, and you still aren’t having any success, you can try fogging your home on your own or by a professional exterminator. This process is a more expensive and time-consuming way to do things, but it will eliminate any bugs for the season.

Remove toys and other items from the area and move any plants outside to eliminate contamination by the fogging. You will need to stay away from your home and keep pets and kids out for three hours afterward.

Vacuum your home every few days after the fogging is complete, and open the windows as regularly as possible.


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The bug foggers are a great way to get rid of pests and they are not that difficult to use or expensive.  Just need to make sure to cover the entire house including the basement if they have one.

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Great information.  Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

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