Could, Water Damage, Equal Mold and Wood Rot?

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Could Water Damage, Equal Mold and Wood Rot?

How many times have I heard, that someone has had Water Damage and the person has wanted to save money and let it dry out, on its own? Since I have been in business, since 1987,  I hear of this quite often. Is this a wise thing to do?  I certainly would not advise it but some people feel like this is the way to save money but they are not saving money, in the long run.   Lets also look at safety and what water damage can turn into.  If someone does not have a Water Extraction and Dry Out, this can lead to not only Mold Removal but issues such as Wood Rot and this can be quite costly.  

The above photo was taken of a clients home who wanted to save money and let the water dry out on its own but then developed a need for Mold Removal!  As the photo illustrates,  the client also had to have a tear out as well as vinyl flooring.  Not including  a dry out and new  flooring put in as well as water damage that affected the Crawl Space.  

Water Damage to properties can be quite costly and when you add in demolition work as well as structural dry outs and Mold Removal and the rebuild, the cost continues to rise.

So, when you have a Water Damage, stop the flow of water first.  Second, remove as much water as possible and third, spray an antimicrobial application to the affected wet areas and dry out the area that was affected.

So, in the photo you see above, the client let the job go and wood rot developed and the client was walking on her floor one day, and one of her feet fell through.  My point is think of safety and think of your health as well as long term costs.  You suffer the consequences if you do not take care of a Water Damage and Water Removal that can lead to Mold Removal and Wood Rot.  If people wait until Wood Rot or a Mold Removal is needed, they can count on spending much more for a Water Damage and Water Removal job because this can lead to others areas such as Mold and wood rot.  We do not want Mold or Wood Rot.  

So, could Water Damage move to Mold and Wood Rot?  ABSOLUTELY!  The longer the delay in a Water Damage or Water Removal,  the more it could cost to take care of the issue.

So, to reiterate, first stop the flow of water. You can do this by the house shut off valve that stops all water flow to the home.  Second,  get up or Extract all water that you can,  by a carpet water Extractor or a shop Vac. You also can use towels top mop the Water Damage as well as obtain a Water Removal or Water Extraction.  Some people also use towels and mops to mop up the Water Damage.  If, you have any fans or Air Movers, add those to the area that was Wet and get things dryer.  Another thing you can do is put your HVAC unit in the On position and make sure the entire home is flowing with air movement.  Your HVAC acts as a dehumidifier and it will pull the moisture content out of the air and get things dryer for you.  You also can go out and buy a Dehumidifier or rent a Dehumidifier to help you also pull moisture out of the air.  Go out and buy some Antimircobial product to spray down with the the affected water damage areas.  Remember, the longer that things are wet, the more likely you are to have Mold and the more likely you will need a Mold Removal.

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This is almost always the case. It's very important that people on this up and running well!

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