Being Real and Passionate, About, What We offer others.

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What are you passionate about?  It might be gardening, cutting the grass, cleaning homes, building homes, selling, marketing, basket weaving, Mold Removal, Mold Inspections, Real Estate or so many more things.

I believe we all need to be passionate about some thing in life.

So, what are you passionate about?

My passion is Mold.  My passion is all things Mold related.  I love serving others.  I love finding out what is going on with peoples homes or businesses.  Mold Inspections and Mold Removal are my passion.  I would work for free if I could but we all know that does not pay our bills.  Smiles.

When you are talking with others, can they hear your passion, your excitement, in your voice and what you really love?  Does your voice just ooze passion, when you are talking to others about what you really enjoy doing and what you really love?

I do not see or hear enough passion in this world.  What creates some people to be passionate about what he or she does or offers and others having no passion or very little passion?  Find your passion in life and find out what you are most passionate about and try to implement this into your everyday life and so many things will fall into place, so I have found to be the case.   Can you hear excitement and happiness in some ones voice,  as you are talking and listening  to him or her?  

Are we being Real with others and being ourself or are we trying to be someone that we are really not? There was a time that I put on a show to others and tried to impress everyone,  that I could.  I have learned to just be myself and not try to put on a show for others.   I wanted everyone to like me and so I thought that I had to impress others in the business world.  Just be yourself.  We can not control whether people like us or do not like us.  Just be you and stop worrrying about whether people like you or do not like you.  The right people will like you and care about you and the others,  do not worry about.  We can not make every one like us.  In fact, some you will find in life, who will not only not like you but maybe even be jealous of you and envious of you and what you have build and created and some times this can also lead others to very much dislike you or even hate you.  Let the haters go.  Do not worrry about the haters.  Haters are gonna hate.  Leave them be and do not waste your time with those who dislike you or even hate you.

So, what does being Real and being Passionate have to do with one another?  Great question.  As you listen to others, listen to see if they are being real with you or just trying to impress you.  Also, listen to see if you hear passion in there voice.  Both of these are so important in life, in my opinion and in my experience.  Since implementing both of these, into my life, I have found that things are just falling in place, in my life  and so many in life, need this or want to know how to go about getting passion or being real or more real with others.  It all starts with us and whether we want to be Real and Passionate with others.

Can people see or determine if we are being Real and being Passionate?  I believe so.  I get so many phone calls, where people are just not being real and not being passionate about what they offer others.  Why do you think that is?

It does my heart good, to get phone calls from others, who are most passionate about what he or she offers and is being real with me without trying to sell me.

So, lets all go out there and be passionate and be more real with others.





David Snell

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