Quick Tips For Cleaning A Home Before Moving In

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So you are getting ready to move into your dream home, and you have been waiting for this moment for nearly ages. You have made all the moving arrangements with a Reputable Mover and you know exactly what you want to pack, sell, leave behind, or donate. You even have very detailed plans on how you are going to decorate the living room area or what kind of chandeliers you would like to invest in.

The only thing you are still pretty clueless about concerns the way you are going to tackle cleaning the new place. When would be the best time to do it? Should you hire help, ask for your friends to lend you a hand, or handle everything at your own pace? Is it best to replace the old and stained carpeting or try to tackle the staining and heavy soiling on your own?

One thing is for sure: while you may not yet have all the answers to all of these questions, it is crucial to set up a plan and make sure you take care of most things before you are ready to spend your first night sleeping at the new place. 

Moving Into A New House?

It does not truly matter. A new construction will leave just as much dust and debris behind in places you would least expect it, so you will still need to concern yourself with figuring out how to tackle all the rooms and areas one by one. Even though the walls might be freshly painted, you might want to change the color in some of them, which will automatically trigger extra cleaning needs.

Make sure all the surfaces are wiped clean, vacuumed and mopped several times so that all the residue dust left behind by the construction workers is entirely eliminated. This way, you will keep any potential allergies at bay. Make sure you have all the cleaning tools and supplies you are going to need to get everything done on time and do not hesitate to ask for expert help whenever you start feeling overwhelmed because of the high work volume.

Moving into an old home should trigger similar cleaning requirements, depending on the level of cleanliness that the former owners decided to leave the home in before putting it out for sale. Most people hire professional moving and cleaning services when they are on the verge of moving out, so you might just be in luck and your preowned home might be sparkling clean and solely require some light vacuuming and surface wiping.

Disinfect the Bathroom First

Provided you are not that lucky enough to be moving into a spotless house, start with the bathroom, give the high risk of contamination with various germs and bacteria in the toilet, shower, and sink areas. Use natural scrubbers and disinfectants and let them act as per the instructions to make sure you will be killing all potentially harmful microorganisms. Remember to pour some apple cider vinegar into the tank and let it sit for at least 12 hours so all the old gunk can effectively dissolve. Also, use non-abrasive cleaning products for the shower tile and grout and sink areas to avoid causing any damage. 

Continue with the bathroom, wipe clean all cooking surfaces, including the top of the stove, the sink, and the countertops, and keep storing all your kitchenware and clothes in your professional moving boxes until you have completed cleaning all closets and cupboards as well.

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