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203k consultant fremont ca203k consultants in Fremont & Union City CA

When you look for a 203k consultant you actually should be looking for a 203k team you should seek a proven team of professionals. Your team should have the following elements to be successful:

1. Lender

2. Realtor

3. 203k Consultant

4. Contractor(s) that understands the payment procedure

5. Appraiser(s) though you won't be able to communicate directly with them... NOT TRUE, but the lender's can't discuss value with them. Your consultant can discuss the repairs that are to be made if needed. In most cases the scope of work will be sufficient to keep this communication to a minimum.

It is actually pretty nice to have an appraiser you can bounce things off of from time to time.

We have a big advantage with 203k consulting as we were appraisers too at one time. Most consultants don't have a clue about the appraiser's roll or guidelines and some of them include not doing an FHA 203k loan on a home that has a high tension tower with the fall distance of the home. We see that allot in Vallejo in particular.

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