How I Saw Angel Numbers When Looking for a New House

Industry Observer with Manifest Like Whoa!

I was talking to my husband the other day about maybe finding investment properties to grow our portfolio, and an unlikely sequence of events got me thinking about how coincidences are everywhere.

First, I got an invite to an event on a friend's Facebook post, and noticed that her street number was a very ominous number -- 444. Angel number 444 is one of good luck, so I thought that was pretty cool!

It’s always exciting when you see these things happen. I took it as a good sign for finding new investment properties. Fun start!

Then, we were walking down the street taking the dog for a walk. We turned onto the main street and what did I see? A billboard advertisement for a legal service where the phone number started with 222! Angel number 222 is another good one for partnerships and coming together for new ideas.

All on the same day!

Now, we're really rolling!

The excitement increased when we got back home, turned on the TV, and someone in a movie was in Vegas playing slot machines.

Of course, the slot machine landed on lucky 777 and the person won lots of money.

Angel number 777 is another one that brings good luck!

All three of these numbers just as my husband and I were getting excited about our new idea!

At that moment, I told myself "okay if I get one more of these coincidences, I'll buy into the hype."

And what do you know... just as I rolled over to fall asleep that very same night, I glanced at the clock and I got my last sign...

The clock said 11:11.

If we don't have our next property by the end of the summer I'll be shocked!


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