Kitchen Renovation

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When I moved into my home about 6 years ago, the kitchen was my least favorite room in the house. It was outdated and not my style. That being said I did make a few kitchen updates to make it livable (for me at least). I painted my cabinets SW Pure White, bought matte black hardware, updated the appliances, and got new countertops. It's definitely more my style now and according to my husband "is perfect".

I get compliments on my kitchen and am always told it looks great. But I can't help the feeling that there is something about it I just don't like it. I see all the flaws and as of late cannot get past them. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of the elements of the kitchen it's mainly the layout and the lack of natural light that I absolutely hate.

Now, my husband and I plan on adding an addition off the back of the house, which is where the kitchen is. In my mind, it makes sense to renovate the kitchen and get a new layout as well.  He is not sold on the kitchen renovation idea, because technically there is nothing wrong with it. So I guess the whole point of this is to ask the question, am I crazy for wanting to renovate a kitchen just because I don't like it? Will it be a waste of money? Should I just live with it?

I understand it's expensive but this is our forever home and I want to be happy.  

For now, I am living with it and I will continue to until I can't any longer. I keep telling my husband he's going to come home one day and find the kitchen to be ripped apart. He laughs but I think he's a bit terrified that I'm not joking, lol

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