Tips for choosing the right shoe for construction and blue collar workers

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Blue collar jobs are for people who like to get their hands dirty. These hard working professionals spend a great part of their day on their feet, be it builders, plumbers or electricians or anyone who spends his day on his feet with a tool bag.  The work shoes for these blue-collar professionals should be specific to the task being performed and not very taxing on the feet.

Here are a few tips that should be kept in mind while choosing the right shoe.

Hard sole/Slip Resistant

Every blue collar job requires a lot of grunt work , this is why a hard sole is extremely important. As construction workers spend most days walking on rubble and concrete, they need a shoe that does not allow anything underneath to poke its way up into the feet. A hard sole protects the foot and in return improves the speed of movement over rugged terrain. This is helpful in reducing the time to complete the task. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that the she is slip resistant, many companies these days promise a hundred percent non-slip sole, It is always advised to spend a small sum extra on these to avoid any type of falls or even fractures while working of slippery surfaces like metal or mud.

Comfortable and Stress Relieving

A blue collar job requires that you spend most of your day on your feet, this can be very painful and even injurious if you don’t have the right shoes. The sole should be soft and welcoming and shouldn’t require a lot of time to break in. Shoes with orthopedic soles and gel soles are preferred by professionals as this reduces any chances of blisters forming. Orthopedic soles are extremely important for mail carriers, delivery drivers or warehouse workers. Shoe pads can even be purchased separately if you feel that the cushioning of the shoe is not right, but it should not be ignored as the amount of comfort you find yourself in during work is directly related to the quality of the result.


Blue Collar professionals spend most days handing somewhat dangerous and heavy equipment, so this must be taken into account when buying the shoes. Hard-Rubber soles are preferred when buying shoes for rough surfaces, they are not easily damaged and do not wear away any time soon. E.V.A soles (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) are a new type of sole that are designed to be shock absorbent and are gaining popularity. 

Leather top shoes are resistant to almost everything that can damage a normal shoe, this is why leather shoes have become the perfect choice of working professionals. Leather shoes do not wear away easily and can be worn without any fear of hurting your feet. Not to mention that leather is very breathable and comfortable. This small level of comfort increases the efficiency of a person and increases the overall output.  


For any blue collar job, protection is the first priority, Toe shielding is very important when dealing with heavy objects. Toe caps protect the toe from any impact or hard presses and can be worn inside any shoe. They are especially necessary for individuals working in the construction or home moving industry. If heavy equipment is being handled, a toe guard can be worn to protect the toes from any accidental damage. An investment of a very small sum in a toe shield can save you from a large amount of pain and suffering. 

Long lasting

A working shoe should be able to withstand the hardships of a blue collar job as no one has the time to keep on replacing a working shoe. When buying a shoe, make sure that the soles are double stitched, the leather and the fabric are stitched together, instead of glued together. The Leather doesn’t crease and cut if the shoe is bend. Also, the stitching of some reputed brands are guaranteed to last a good decade, so invest once but invest in something good.

Water proof

Most outdoor jobs require some interaction with water, be it puddles or rain, the shoes are bound to get wet. It is important to buy shoes of waterproof leather as they are not damaged by water. Non- Resistant leather shoes are bound to fade away at the stitching causing the shoe to expire pre maturely. To avoid this, some people use a water resistant coating spray on their shoes, but that fades the color away and ends up causing more harm than good. So avoid these useless hacks and buy water resistant shoes to start.


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